Sunday, March 25, 2018

XTRADE - The Technology Company Which Is Established By The Veterans Wall Street Trading Specialist

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XTRD is a technology company founded by veterans of Wall Street trading specialists who introduced a new infrastructure that will enable large banks, hedge funds and institutional traders to easily access the cryptocurrency market.

Our products Bring finance tools and best practices into the crypto trade
API FIX: API industry standard exchange
SPA: Single Access Point for Exchange
PRO: Live desktop trade connection
DARK: Partner trading ecosystem


The FIX API is a proven, decades old method for connecting markets. We have made our own connecting all major cryptocurrency exchange. Whether you are part of an institution, a hedge fund, or if you are an algorithmic trader - this will change the way you look at crypto forever.

"I am positive about the future changes in the crypto industry. I am also excited about the opportunities XTRD can bring to institutional trading "

Key Benefits

Faster Trades
XTRD's database connections process orders just as fast as anything on Wall Street. We've built optimized databases all across the United States that provide low latency order execution in the milliseconds.

Reduce Your Risk
You 've heard the horror stories about these games have been hacked or have gone down. All you need to do is use XTRD's balances in your transactions.

Increase Your Liquidity
When you purchase or sell through XTRD Pro, orders are placed through multiple exchanges so everything that you're buying or selling will be picked up. This is especially valuable when you are placing large orders or when there is high price variability of cryptocurrencies across exchanges.

Less Fees
Making large and high-volume purchases
is a pain using current methods
of cryptocurrency trading. Our FIX API splits the orders across the exchanges, reducing
your fees.

More Exchanges
We're forming Joint Ventures with all of the top cryptocurrency exchanges. If you can think of it, it's probably on the list of exchanges that you'll be able to buy and sell with using XTRD Pro.

Complete Privacy
Rest easy because your order is completely secure. We have employed strong encryption protocols to ensure your orders through our proprietary system.

The XTRD Token
Bringing the best tools and practices of finance to crypto trading

Fee Discounts
You'll get a 25% discount on all fees paid on XTRD Pro when you use our XTRD token to pay. Unlock the massive 40% discount when you have a monthly holding of 50k + XTRD tokens.

Limited Pool Regeneration
XTRD tokens are slowly cycled back into the network when used to pay for services on the XTRD Pro trading network and received by us. We use these tokens for ops and to buy up various primary and secondary market coins for SPA liquidity in the ultimate goal of having global market liquidity.

Limited Token Generation
Once we go past final sale date, no more XTRD tokens will ever be generated, ever again.

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