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Thursday, March 15, 2018

XMED - The World 1 st Global Medical Blockchain + Big AI Data Platform "User Generated Data"

Hello Everyone,

XMED Chain

The World 1 st Global Medical Blockchain Big AI Data Platform
"User Generated Data"

An XMED chain linking global medical data

Project Reviews
World 1st Global Medical Blockchain + AI Big Data Platform
Establishing a personal medical record at the same time helps the development of world medical data.
Everyone gets XMC Token after the medical certification data and can enjoy the economic results together.
Our vision is to build a patient-oriented, sustainable and patterned ecosystem in the management of medical data
to achieve a global health care system.

Issues in the Health Care Industry
Demand for the management of global medical data is great
The traditional way of medical data management is outdated in a diversified healthcare environment. Data storage is scattered and data sharing becomes difficult.

Medical data scattered
There is no standard format for medical data storage. In most cases, patients need to collect and provide their own medical records to different institutions.

Lack of patient authority in medical data management
Patient's privacy protection is highly dependent on the institution itself.
Lack of high-quality data analysis system

Due to such diversified, fragmented and possibly invalid deficiencies, it is difficult to ascertain the accuracy and efficiency of the analysis based on the data.

Dissatisfaction of medical resources

The allocation of quality medical resources is unbalanced, due to lack of knowledge in a particular field of medical care. The discrepancy of medical resources impedes the quality and efficiency of health care.

What is XMC?

Application Systems Based on Blockchain, AI & Big Data Technologies
Anonymous data will be analyzed by AI and large data analysis systems. Through intellectual analysis and evaluation, accurate consultation results can be generated for individual users or institutions with greater efficiency and quality.

With data collection and analysis, XMC medical data can be used in a variety of scenarios. Users can safely store and manage their medical data with their authorization. Medical records can be used in a number of services by institutional users, including online consultations, medical appointments, offering information on insurance products and other value-added services. Encrypted data can also be shared securely between institutions. XMC aims to facilitate the standardization of medical data processing and implement systems where information can be exchanged transparently in a secure manner, which ultimately establishes a global medical data system based on user needs.

Roadmap & Long-term development goals

Business Model

Design and Technology

How to use XMC?
Through the application of smart contract, users can submit their medical records or other medical data to XMC. The XMC's system analyzes the data and generates optimal medical service options for such users and provides a platform of information for patients to locate a safe one-stop health care consultation.

Submission and verification of medical records
The verification of medical records uses the "consensus / AI / encryption algorithm" technology to ensure immutable and secure data are uploaded, verified and transmitted. Individual users shall have primary control over their personal data.

Identification and translation of medical records
After verification of the medical record, AI system identifies and converts the contents into text format. AI technology will translate the text into the user's default system language.

Intelligent match of medical data
Through the database, users can learn the global medical data including the patient's height, gender, weight, symptoms, hospitals visited, as well as the medical technology and drugs that have been tried and the satisfaction of the degree and so on. Through AI technology, the data can be intelligently searched and matched to different levels. As a result of the intelligent screening, the AI ​​system will provide the most appropriate global medical solutions based on the patient's medical record, and abandon the unverified data from the Internet.

What can achieve through the XMC system?

XMC's system can connect to data systems in enterprises, such as HIS, ERP, CRM and others by API docking. Under patient's authorization, authorized enterprises have access and editing permissions to the users' medical records.

XMC Token
In the traditional medical environment, individual users have no direct control over their medical records and do not realize the value of personal medical information. Users of the medical information can not guarantee the authenticity of the information obtained. The future of medical data should be transparent and open, which leads to the concept of XMC token (XMC Token). XMC Token will be circulated in the XMC ecosystem, designed for all users who contribute to a harmonious and shared economic ecology.

For more information and joining Xmed's social media today please follow some sources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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