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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

XCHANGERATE - Bringing Intelligently Analyzed Data To Merchants Using Automation And Decentralization Strategies

Foto XchangeRate.io.

Greetings Community,


SaaS App's first Augmented Intelligence Agentment Platform that brings intelligently analyzed data to merchants using decentralized automation and strategy.

Strong Preset Filters
XchangeRate is a platform designed by traders for traders. The automatic filter setting comes with a preset strategy that requires minimal effort.

A Cross Functional Strategy Approach
XchangeRate parses through the metric attributes of each coin on exchange and loop through a strategy filter for incoming signals and assigns a value to the preference scale and triggers the trigger through qualifying positions, grouping criteria using automation on and out and in laps and cycles.

Proofing Implementation
Adopting a strategy is one thing. Getting it into the market stream is another. XchangeRate provides tools to test strategies and filters with real market conditions and test strategy results.


Provide platforms with a series of important, great and valuable trading tools using additional intelligence.


Crypto Trade is an Established Business Model
Over 2 million new merchants open new accounts with monthly exchange.
Successful traders generate an immeasurable profit every day.
Growth of traders around the world provides a greater opportunity to increase liquidity.
Increased regulatory awareness brings market stability.
XchangeRate Bridging the Gap
What was once an exclusive Trade Secret is now available to all.
Data analysis and trade intelligence are now present as presets on the XchangeRate Platform.
The Need for Successful Trade ...
Gathering Data: A collection of platforms with valuable information consisting of apt indicators using the API Plugin.
Analytical Skill: The ability to interpret comprehensive data to make the best decisions.
Decision: Acting on information correctly and on time is what makes trading profitable.
Consistency: Automation makes everything work consistently and effortlessly.

Eureka! It works much better, Come bite and drop some XRR coins ...



To expand the vision and reach of XchangeRate.io, we launch Token sales to publish an XchangeRate token (XRR) on Ethereal Blockchain. The XchangeRate ERC20 Token will be issued by the smart-contract at the end of the Token sale (April 2018).

  • 80% ICO
  • 12.8% Bonus Tokens
  • 6% Project Owners and Stakeholders
  • 1.2% Airdrop and Bounty



For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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