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Saturday, March 17, 2018

XATRA - Hybrid Protocol (PoS + PoW) And Anonymous ("Zerocoin") With Unique Crypto


Greetings Community,

What is Xatra?
Xatra is an Hybrid (PoS + PoW) and anonymous ("Zerocoin" protocol) cryptocurrency with unique features!

XATRA Coins Investment Opportunities bring great interest to people who save and invest their wealth to receive interest on their balances in return for helping maintain network security.

The Xatra ecosystem is crucial for currency acceptance and sustainability. To achieve the goal of a decentralized economic network, Xatra will be committed to the development of its ecosystem, providing mature development tools, improving document development, organizing education, training activities and providing financial support to users. Xatra will connect third party electronic and financial services and allow users to use and pay them anonymously.

Some investment / Asset management companies linked to Crypto world are already interested in Xatra because of its unique features and high growth potential! This means Xatra is likely to be the key to access several investment platforms. Our users will be able to invest and profit from trading with Xatra coins.

The TX cost is low
Super Fast Deals
Privacy: Xatra is an ANONYME coin based on the "Zerocoin" protocol
Easy Gifts (PoS / PoW)
Easy to Store with a complete set of Wallets (Web / Desktop / Mobile)

If you are looking for a stable investment product, holding XATRA coins in your wallet can be a very interesting choice for you! Your XATRA coins then become a flowering asset with a very large annual return.

XATRA battle services will be available after you purchase XATRA Coin from XATRA ICO with BTC or ETH.

Long-term investment, high interest
The long-term vision of the XTR project helps build a great ecosystem that is far more than a coin.
Investors can stop their coin lurking at the end of a term and send all the coins with interest to the exchange platform or the web wallet.
Stable investment
Staking is always an excellent source of smart passive income with an annual return of about 100%
There are no trade barriers with unlimited investment opportunities unique.
Anyone from anywhere can hold XATRA in their wallet to receive interest on the balance in return for helping maintain network security.
Xatra Coin Staking Interest
Xatra Coin has adopted a Proof of Stake variable (PoS) interest rate that will be paid periodically in accordance with the following guidelines:
POS Share Interest (from 1 March 2018)
1 6 months (8% per month)
2 6 months (7% per month)
3 6 months (5% per month)
4 6 months (4% per month)
5 6 months (3% per month)
6 months to 6 (1.5% per month)

These investment options can benefit based on XATRA Coin price fluctuations. This opportunity is basically made for investors to pocket the volatility (price difference) on buying and selling currencies.

XATRA trading services will be available after XATRA listing on Xatra Exchange and External Exchange.

Owner of XATRA Exchange
XATRA Coin can perform the initial Exchange after XATRA ICO is complete.
Time control
XATRA can be traded in all countries, anytime
High Potential
Anyone can get involved and trade 24/7. With the right strategy, you can regularly benefit from coin volatility.
Security, no political impact. trading without a third party
There is no impact associated with geopolitical influence, macroeconomic issues, - inflation, or interest rates.
Fast & cheap
Start XATRA trading and money; You are really just a few steps

With the referral module, you can refer other investors and earn commission income from the investment

Earning withdrawal immediately
More referrals, more benefits
Having a large community is a great advantage to get more out of the XATRA gift program
No commitment
Anyone can join the gift program WITHOUT making a deposit
No procedures & contracts
Work under your own time control, stop anytime with enough payment without any documentation required.

  • About Xatra
  • Name: Xatra
  • Symbol: XTR
  • Coin: POS + POW
  • Algorithm: X11
  • Block Time: 60 seconds
  • Block Size: 4MB
  • Number of Pow Blocks: 207,360
  • Premine: 7 million
  • Max Coin Supply: 21 Million
  • Anonymous: Yes (Zerocoin protocol)
  • average Transaction 1 Confirmation time: 60 seconds

Premiere Distribution Xatra
6,650,000XTR (95% - Participant initial coin offer)
210,000 XTR (3% - Rewards program)
140,000 XTR (2% - Advisors and partners)


1 Nov 2017: Xatra Blockchain Design
Feb 20, 2018: Launch of User Release Launching Web Site
1 Mar 2018: Start Infrastructure Setup ICO - Cloud - Hot Basic Web Wallet - Ink - Early Wall
Apr 30, 2018: - ICO End - Block Explorer
August 2018: IOS / Android wallet development
July 2018: Full HD Web Wallet Fledged
June 2018: - List Xatra On Coinmarketcap - List Xatra Exchange On Coinmarketcap
May 2018: - Cloud Infrastructure Upgrade - Xatra Exchange
Q4 of 2018: Implementation of Zerocoin Coin Mixed Protocol
Q1 of 2019: Environmentally Friendly Address
Q2 of 2019: 16 Seconds Left Block
Q4 of 2019: MultiLevel Blockchain

For More Information:

The bitcontalk name :Aray80

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