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WORLDOPOLY - Internal Blockchain Technology, Which Brings the Real Economy Games Impression

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Worldopoly contains internal blockchain technology, which brings the impression of a real economy game. Players receive the WOW effect due to full immersion to the virtual world of applications, which are closely tied to real cities, locations, and investment opportunities.

This is an example of modern AR games, adapted for mobile devices with unique AI algorithms to recognize (shape) buildings

The game takes place on Google Maps

Internal economic presence: players can generate profits while playing and integrate revenue in WPT into real crypto currency

Players can unite in the clan, finance large expensive projects and damage the building of other players.


The things that make Worldopoly unique in the world of mobile games
It's easy to start the game - just download games and lists. Each player starts with the coin base capital he uses to buy one street and one initial building of the player who chooses. Geopositioning and augmented reality in real-time gives you the possibility to actually see and show your progress to others.

This building generates Coins that can be collected that must be collected in a certain duration, depending on the building, otherwise they will become billable for the gaming community using AR extension of the game
Plus: every other player who runs on the road generates additional revenue as a bonus.
Each road has a number of "building slots" depending on the length and position inside the city.
Each building can be updated for coins.
Updates take a certain amount of time that can be accelerated by using game currency.
All players can interact with each other.


After construction is complete, the building begins to generate revenue and the new interface becomes accessible

Customization items
Such as auto income collector, fire extinguisher, etc.
Sell the possibilities
Either to the bank or at the auction
Duration to collect revenue
Upgrade Capability

There are different types of player interactions in Worldopoly:

Earn extra income for players with "walks" on the streets.
Collect coins from other players who have not managed to collect them on time.
Destructive - building other players using vandalism items purchased (eg Molotov Cocktails, Hager Gangsters, Bug-Infections, etc.) Using VR-Extension.
Raiding - another player using AR-Extension and connected to other 'raid-partners'.
Trade with other players using the market.
Join the Klan to interact and finance big expensive projects together.
Building a political movement, affecting the economic situation of the Worldopoly universe.


All items can be purchased at a set price to increase player interaction of the number of unlimited items for each duration.
Item - all items have a certain effect on the building where they are used.
Items can be enabled in the building interface below the "item" point that opens the inventory.
Auctions - can be used to buy from as well as goods sales, buildings or roads to other players. The seller determines the minimum price and other players can bet on the item. Unique Items can be purchased only for WPT tokens.
Sell - Everything can be sold by installing it for the auction and setting a minimum price.
Monitor sales - all sales can be monitored.


There are 3 types of currency in the world Wordopoly:
Coins - The base currency, can be billed in the game and used to buy everything from the store.
Building resources - Premium currency that can be purchased either by WPT or real currency.
WPT - standard ERC20 token with limited emissions, can be freely converted either in-game or real currency (beyond the game) to be offered during ICO. Allows players to use advanced gaming functions.
In-Game Currency Shop
In store currency can only be purchased. In the Marketplace each currency can be exchanged for another, the price is determined by the players.

Game based on AR technology and VR most profitable.
Mobile Game Income will increase by approximately 12% every year.
Among the popular game genres, this genre occupies the first position with a share of 27.5%
The game market will generate revenue of $ 128 billion per year by the end of 2020.


move the game community and support the worldopoly.
200M: The utility token is printed
150 M: Available for sale
20 M: Will be available at pre sale with discount up to 35%
0.12 $: Price per Worldopoly Token (WPT) 0.12 $
ERC 20: Standard token (Ethereum).



Our plans to expand and improve the game world
Initial game idea & concept realised.
A team of 6 programmers started working on the software architecture, developing and completing the game engine from scratch
The game engine testing began, as did the development of the frontend prototype on React Native. The project also started attracting interests from early investors.
Blockchain Technology becomes suitable for the game, work on the ICO & economic system of the game started. The Financial Model + Investor Business plan was composed.
2018 April / May
Launch of ICO, Worldopoly Token Sale, new in-game objects and auction for their sale will begin.
2018 July / August
Listing the WPT token on Exchanges, implementation of marketing strategies.
2018 August - Beta Release
Beta Release of the Worldopoly mobile app with the economic system. The introduction of the token functions between players and the creation of an internal cryptocurrency exchange (centralized input-output to the real currency EUR / USD). Integration of AI for the recognition of the shapes and buildings during which the AR will be tested.
September 2018
Launch of in-game chat and push notifications of important game events, for example, when someone buys the most expensive building. Negative & positive influence on the value of the buildings in the area (For example, a brothel generates more money than a kiosk but, could increase the crime rate in the area, and as such, consequently depreciate the value of all the other buildings in the neighborhood)
2018 October / November - Stable Release
Stable Release of Worldopoly mobile app in the AppStore & PlayStore
2018 December
Users will be able to receive revenue from advertisements placed on their game objects, as well as being able to place their own advert.
2019 February
New features, new options for in-game building improvement, new methods of interaction between players, as well as the introduction of unique objects.
2019 March
Windows 10 support & release of Worldopoly in the Microsoft Store
2019 April
Further AI integration. Smart Assistant launch (it can give recommendations and reminders to users, and also assist in a better understanding of the game). Text commands one-off actions (building repair, building improvement, etc.) further function introduction.
September 2019
Personalization for end users and advertisers. The Creation of SDK & technology such as ARKit / ARCore for outdoor building / shape recognition.
2019 December - 2020 April
Implementing the opportunity to purchase resources and new types of facilities for urban improvement. Civilization creation, significant game world expansion and the ability to create your own currency within the city.

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