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VRMED - The first VR Solution At MedTech

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What you need to produce results: enter the appropriate software and configure the VR MED system is the world's first medical device that uses VR technology for a variety of uses. It has a similar success not only in ophthalmology but also neurology and rehabilitation. All you need for transformation is to enter the required software and configure the system. No need to replace the device itself. Only one set of equipment covers most of the clinic needs with VR technology.

Field Vision Analyzer

The VR MED headset provides vision field analysis to enable doctors to diagnose early-stage glaucoma. The initial test of the headset, completed at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, has confirmed the uniqueness and innovation of this product. Now the equipment is undergoing testing at the Institute of Eye Diseases at the Russian Academy of Sciences.


The VR MED headset is a mobile phone. To use it, the clinician only needs the headset itself, and the notebook to be plugged in. Its weight (0.4 kg, about one pound) and compact dimensions add to the ease of transportation. These can be used in mobile medical units, small stationary clinics and with telemedicine settings.

Ergonomic design

VR MED is integrated into the headset with ergonomic design, which is different from its competitors, providing a higher level of accuracy in fast-eye tracking. It provides versatile headsets for use in a variety of medical settings.

Multifunctional Medical Headset

Sales Token

About Token VRMD
Token: ERC 20 Protocol
Quantity: 24 000 000 Token
Price: 0.25 USD = 1 Token VRMD
Buy with: BTC ETH USD
All unsold tokens will be burned

Investment Attractiveness

VRMD Token is an internal currency platform which allows holders to:
Acquire a product and access to services for a reduced price in comparison to with fiat currency
Acquire access to update software, widen the functional capabilities of the headset, buying and selling data.
Take part in fundraising for new medical developments for the VR MED headset Growth of demand for the tokens will depend on growth of demand for the device and updates.

Gadget Features

VR MED is unique in its functional capabilities. One device contains the power to collect data in more than one sphere of medicine.

The volume of the device market for rehabilitation measures by 2025 is planned at the level of 17.5 billion US dollars. 
The share of VR MED can be up to 15%.

The market volume of devices for neurology by 2022 will amount to 10.8 billion US dollars. VR MED can potentially take up to 20% of solutions in this area.

The volume of the market of ophthalmology by 2021 will be 58 billion US dollars. Part of which will be the VR solution. At the moment, VR MED can potentially occupy about 10% of the market.


Before Ico
Start of the development of the VR headset and programming suitable for medical use.

Patent granted in Russia. 
Start of process to receive international patents
12.16 - 02.17

Creation of pilot model of equipment and software for screening for early detection of glaucoma and other conditions with peripheral vision defects. 
Successful experimental outcomes in the Institute of Eye Diseases at the Russia Academy of Sciences
02.17 - 04.17

Participation at international presentations in Lisbon and Bahrain. Introduction of the device

Successful approval process for the device and software at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Development of the Alpha version of the device, with the capability of providing solutions in ophthalmology (measurement of peripheral vision, diagnosis of glaucoma markers)

After the ICO

Development of the device final version 
(technical and usage fine-tuning), construct improvements
03.18 - 06.18

Standard ISO 12866-2011. Industrial design development
06.18 - 08.18

Certification of software “Perimeter”: Creation of a universal design for diagnosis of a range of visual functions (through early diagnosis of glaucoma and other peripheral vision field defects)
08.18 - 12.18

Entrance to the world market: Undergo approval process in India and China clinics; obtain international ISO certification
04.18 - 09.18

Upload of users’ data to the platform. Distribution of the device in the European Union, Russia and Asia; 
Launch of decentralized platform; 
The 100% functional Perimeter becomes the “gold standard” in ophthalmic diagnosis
05.18 - 07.19

Widening of device functionality to include usage in neurology and rehabilitation
05.18 - 07.19

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