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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

VIVIDTOKEN - Augmented Portfolio And Social Crypto App

Greetings Community,


Vivid is disrupting the way people interact, understand, and communicate their crypto portfolio. From advanced technical indicators, to viewing your holdings in a whole new dimension, to collaborating with others on advanced trading concepts, our aim is to advance the possibilities for both seasoned traders and enthusiastic newcomers alike.


It is our vision to take what is the exciting and adventurous market of cryptocurrency and build not only a platform that can enable newcomers and veterans alike to be more than they thought they could, but also to build a medium that pushes the boundaries of what spatial computing can offer the world. 

One could compare what we understand as computing today, with the passion of what a caveman once perceived of his wall masterpiece. On the other, a classical master, painting the Sistine Chapel might reflect on the extent this creative medium has evolved over the years.

However, we are now living in a truly unprecedented era where much of what it means to exist in this world that our ancestors have walked for thousands of years is moments away from a total transformation. Spatial computing will be a major driver in reshaping our meaning in life, we hope to bring some of that illuminating possibility to you and your equality transformative digital currency, inside the Vivid Platform.


An Ethereum ERC20 based token, 140,000,000 VIVID tokens have been created on a fixed supply. The token distribution allocation is as follows:

  • Total Tokensale ​- 76.2% - 106,700,000 VIVID
  • Founders & Team ​- 14.6% - 20,500,000 VIVID
  • Future Partnerships ​- 2.9% - 4,000,000 VIVID
  • Future Development​- 2.9% - 4,000,000 VIVID
  • Advisors ​- 1.7% - 2,400,000 VIVID
  • Bounty Pool ​- 1.0% - 1,400,000 VIVID
  • Token Hunt ​- 0.7% - 1,000,000 VIVID
Token Lockup ​- In order to drive ongoing incentive for the core team, a token lockup of the ‘Founders & Team’ allocation will occur, with an emission rate of 10% per a month, for a total vesting period of 10 months. This provides significant security for token holders, and is a showing of good faith by the core team for the continued growth and support of the Vivid Platform.

Sale Tier Stages​ - The Vivid tokensale will occur in tiered stages, the first of which has been sold in full. The next following stages offered to the public are:

Early Access ​- 5,000,000 VIVID Tokens Sold
Pre-Sale​ - 20% Bonus - 5,400,000 VIVID Tokens Sold
450 ETH  
Sale Tier I​ - 10% Bonus - 8,800,000 VIVID Tokens Sold
800 ETH
Sale Tier II​ - 5% Bonus - 31,500,000 VIVID Tokens Sold
3,000 ETH
Sale Tier III​ - 0% Bonus - 56,000,000 VIVID Tokens Sold
5,600 ETH
Token Burn ​- All unsold tokens will be burned. This will only occur in the case of not
meeting our cap after a specified period of time.

Raised Funds Allocation​ - Our focus as a company is an efficient use of raised capital to build the first phases of the Vivid platform, as well as structure our company to move to a self-sustaining business model over time. Our raised fund allocation is as follows:

Product Development​ - 55%
Focused on continued expansion of the current ongoing product development tasks,
while scaling the core team and realizing our outlined platform launch phases.

Marketing Sales & PR ​- 30%
As Vivid Platform scales to the mass market, both the initial steps of growing that adoption, but also the ongoing expansion and market growth of Vivid Platform are vitally important to the sustained longevity of the company.

Security & Compliance​ - 5%
Striving for comprehensive cooperation and involvement in the various global theater’s various legal approaches is a major fundamental requirement for the continued expansion of the Vivid Platform’s efforts on a worldwide scale.

Legal​ - 5%
Throughout the general activities of global law compliance, risk mitigation, intellectual property development and defense as we utilize a suite of various legal activities to conduct business globally.

General & Administrative​ - 5%
As any fast growing organization there exists a variety of contractor, utility, rent, and general supplied and expenses associated with operating a thriving entity.


Our app launch will be centered around a carefully orchestrated content strategy that combines earned, owned and paid media with the least emphasis on the latter. While paid marketing is important in amplifying homegrown and user generated content, minimizing its role allows us to focus on creating an organic community driven by an authentic brand, captivating product and stellar customer service.


- Closed an Oversubscribed 100 ETH in Early Access Private Sale
- Created Core Product Roadmap
- Assembled Multidisciplinary Team
- Began Product Development on Mobile App
- Signed Key Advisors
- Conducted Audit of Product Landscape
- Kicked off Initial Application Development (iOS)
- Forged Agreement with Marketing Firm
- Created Contribution Smart Contracts and Portal
- Begun Collecting Market Data from Multiple APIs
- Built Active Discord Community


Ian Nott ​- Founder and CEO at Vivid
 Ian’s passion is delivering product team leadership that results in combining various
design philosophies, new technologies, and project management in order to create
innovative products and services that solve real world needs.
Harrison D. Lee​ - Chief Operating Officer at Vivid
Driven by enablement over technology, Harrison has immersed himself in AR over
the last few years and previously led product launches for a subscription-based
communications business as well as consumer Web and mobile apps in the social
commerce and fashion tech spaces.
Sascha Neumann ​- Chief Product Officer at Vivid
 A passion for coding and design, formerly at Reebok, Sascha’s efforts in software
design with a focus on project management and 3D UX for Mixed and Augmented
Reality has led him to take human factors principles and logical development to new
BJ Wahl ​- Full Stack Developer at Vivid
Engineer with an ardent desire to deliver innovative, yet user-friendly solutions to
complex customer problems, and experience scaling out production data centers in
support of those solutions.
Haoshu Peng ​- Advisor at Vivid
Founder & President at Taovation LCC (上海颢玺信息科技服务有限公司) Haoshu is a
seasoned intellectual property consultant with considerable experience in transborder
relations. She is instrumental in providing clients with IP training, customized IP
strategy development and tech transfer expertise to the Chinese marketplace.
Justin Mathews​ - Advisor at Vivid
 Chief Operations Officer at O3 World. Justin possesses over 18 years of
demonstrated excellence in creating interactive digital experiences with
concentrations on emerging technologies and innovation. He has a solid, proven
history of producing, managing, and cultivating multi-million dollar accounts and
projects with Top 50 advertising agencies as well as Fortune 5000 brands.
TM38​ - Partner at Vivid  
Building and maintaining an online presence and media relationships throughout the
growth of the company.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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