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Friday, March 9, 2018


Hello All,


Vivid’s platform ecosystem is designed to be released in phases as the company, the community, and the feature sets evolve. A comprehensive approach has been taken in structuring a solidified development pipeline as overviewed below:

VIVID Token ​- An ERC20 Ethereum based token, it is the utility device that allows users of various demographics to connect and utilize the Vivid platform, including but not limited to: access to professional grade features, voting on user generated content and access to advertising space inside the platform.

Core Services ​-​The heart of Vivid’s platform is a combination of cloud based data collection, processing, and networking infrastructure designed to allow client applications to communicate via an abstraction layer and APIs in order to read market data, access user accounts, contribute content and provide interconnection for various means of communication between users and the platform.

Exchanges and Market Data​ - The platform utilizes a number of key API’s from a wide range of exchanges and market data aggregation services in order to collect historical coin data, as well as provide real time market data to our users. Features such as technical indicators are utilizing this provided data to perform calculations locally on the client devices in order to produce charts and graphs. Our core services aggregate this widespread data collection in order to provide it via abstraction layer over the network to client devices.

Augmented Reality​ - Utilization of the leading Android and iOS devices allows the Vivid platform to extend into 3D space, and into user’s real world environments in a seamless fashion. Utilizing the same data provided by our core services the Vivid AR experience extends key charts and graphs such as singular coin charts, technical analysis indicators, and top performing coin charts into 3D space. Additionally, the use of ‘Accessories’ in the form of 3D objects and animations can be placed into a user’s real world environment alongside their charts and graphs, to provide a unique photo and video sharing opportunity. For example, a user can photograph their new.


  • Closed an Oversubscribed 100 ETH in Early Access Private Sale
  • Created Core Product Roadmap
  • Assembled Multidisciplinary Team
  • Began Product Development on Mobile App
  • Signed Key Advisors
  • Conducted Audit of Product Landscape
  • Kicked off Initial Application Development (iOS)
  • Forged Agreement with Marketing Firm
  • Created Contribution Smart Contracts and Portal
  • Begun Collecting Market Data from Multiple APIs
  • Built Active Discord Community

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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