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UFOODO - Creating Decentralized Ecosystems That Must Serve Clients, Restaurants And Couriers

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Hello Everyone,

Decentralized food delivery services create fundamental value

What is ufoodo?

Crypto currency with actual usage in the real economy

With the help of Blockchain Technology and payment methods made, ufoodo Token (UFT), ufoodo creates a decentralized ecosystem that must both serve clients, restaurants and couriers.

The platform directly connects clients, restaurants, and courier pools and allows for interaction between various parties. As a result of eliminating intermediaries, ufoodo was able to provide qualitative food delivery from a client's favorite restaurant, while a fixed profit in the place was made.

A company is governed and run by the community.

Great potential

The popular on-demand food delivery service is now the first to arrive in 2013 and enjoys rapid growth ever since. By targeting an increasing food delivery market, ufoodo has tremendous potential to be used on a weekly or even daily basis by thousands of people worldwide, beyond the speculative role of the common crypto currency that dominates by integrating the touf ufoodo into the daily lives of people .

Current service issues

Regardless of the booming new delivery service (on demand) they get in public criticism. Many restaurants fight high commissions (about 20-30%) and couriers complain about exploitative working conditions and poor salaries. Despite their rapid expansion the established players limit their growth in the largest cities, excluding a wider share of potential customers.

Ufoodo Ecosystem

Take part: restaurant recruits and introductory, open new shipping area and earn money

In the ordering and shipping process, a peer-to-peer connection directly from all participating instances with secure payment transactions and delivery handouts will be set. Parts of expensive agents are not required. Participants in this process (restaurant, courier, and client) are our focus and are the creators of revenue values ​​and contributors.

With the concept of Digital Decentral Franchise users can develop new delivery areas with their own, by recruiting restaurants and couriers and covering local administrative tasks. Recruiting and franchising contracts regularly distribute recruitment and reward commissions for administrative tasks. So, with a little effort, global decentralized growth can be activated.

Every user, courier and restaurant owner can participate on a global board and on a special local ship delivery area. In this board policy, features and projects are discussed and selected. Each board decides on a pool of budgets, which depends on local revenue. For the benefit of all groups, region-specific delivery fees, wages, and distribution of budgets for submitted projects are elected democratically.

In project-oriented open source development, users can encourage new developments and can submit project proposals at the local or global level. Each board can opt for marketing campaigns, new features, etc. And can allocate the appropriate budget.

Distribution Tokens

Due to the Token Contract 3 500 million ufoodo-Token will be generated and distributed in the following:
• 55% of the ufoodo-Token will be offered in the Seed-Sale and Token Sale
• 25% will be hold by the foundation for development, payouts for user driven projects and for further funding rounds if necessary.
• 20% of the Token are for to the development team, advisor and Bounties. Despite of the Token reserved for Bounty Campaign they are going to be vested for 1,5 years. The vesting process will be automatically proceeded by a Smart Contract (TokenVesting)

Seed Sales - Token Allocation


For more information and join Ufoodo's social media today please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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