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UBONIUM - Financial Technology Company

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Ubonium is a financial technology company with its Headquarters in the financial district of London, United Kingdom. Ubonium was founded at the very height of the blockchain technology revolution through the famous invention such as Bitcoin Technology. Since Bitcoin, there has been numerous other blockchain technology and crypto coins known as altcoins introduced in the blockchain ecosystem at a phenomenal rate. Nevertheless, this created more than ever a need for a comprehensive and robust technologies to adapt a convenient way of integrating the movement and storage of digital assets in the blockchain ecosystem in a convenient and secure way.

With this in mind, Ubonium innovated sustainable financial products and services that complements each another within Ubonium’s ecosystem to offer its users not only convenience and security, but also offering competitive pricing for its services. Users will experience that all Ubonium’s product and services are investable, secure, scalable and usable in the cryptocurrency environment. This is an important factor in determining the success of any blockchain financial system. Ubonium’s ETCF Platform and ETCF Funds, UBOPAY, UBOBANK and UBOCARD is set to pave the way how market participants are going to interact with these nascent alternative asset class in their daily lives.

Ubonium’s product and services is also designed to be adaptable to the evolving blockchain technology and changing regulatory framework and having factored this foreseeable evolution in all its innovations, Ubonium’s product and services will have a sustainable future and will stay more relevant in the blockchain ecosystem.

The future of Crypto Economy

With the cryptocurrency market capitalization reaching $500 Billion USD and expected to reach $1 Trillion USD by 2020 if not sooner, it is becoming more and more evident that the adaptation of cryptocurrencies as a medium of stored value is reaching the mainstream market. With the development of decentralized applications and increasingly mass adaptation of cryptocurrencies, the need for cheaper and secured applications demand will be seen rising within the foreseeable future. Market participants will demand a more convenient and speedy way of utilizing their digital assets in their day to day lives. Traditional banking service as we know it will be obsolete in time to come and will no longer be relevant in providing financial services to the mainstream market. The way businesses are done will be changed forever with the usage of smart contracts on the blockchain. Trust less transactions will be the name of the game in any businesses in the coming future.

How does UBONIUM ecosystem plays an important role

Now that users acquire cryptocurrencies, how do they utilize or move them to their intended destination securely, conveniently and more importantly in a more cost-effective way? Serving these users not only require a robust mechanism but a complete and comprehensive blockchain network that lives side by side with traditional mechanisms which can complement each another. Most proposed blockchain payment systems claims to have innovated payment systems that ensures instant transactions on the blockchain for their users but fails to address an important factor: the congestion of blockchain network and the slow adaptation of cryptocurrencies by some receiving ends.

Ubonium’s solutions applies the evolution theory, that is any technology must have an evolution period and during this period, it must co-exist together with traditional system until the new technology is fully adapted into mainstream. This ensures the application of Ubonium’s product and services in real cases at multi-level of the financial system.

Storage | Ubobank | Cryptocurrencies
Transfer | Ubobank & Ubopay | Cryptocurrencies & Local Currencies
Payments | Ubopay & Ubocard | Cryptocurrencies & Local Currencies
Exchange | Ubobank | Cryptocurrencies
Investing | ETCF Platform & ETCF Funds | Cryptocurrencies.

"Ubonium redefines the cryptocurrency ecosystem and builds crypto-based future."

ETCF Market Platform - For Cryptocurrency Investors and Institutional Investors
Invest in cryptocurrency currency through exchanged crypto money exchange.
Benefits of ETCF Investment
Low Volatility
High liquidity
Digital Asset Diversification
Transparent & Safe
Low cost
Instant Transaction



Investors must wait 3 days for completion
Can not keep securities
Only exchanged certain times of the week
Without Transparency
Medium-high cost
Purchases are limited to a certain amount
Can not move assets easily


Instant transaction in blockchain
Investors can store ETCF tokens in their own wallet
Can be exchanged 24/7/365
All transactions are transparent in blockchain
Fixed rate is 0.45% for every purchase and sale
There is no limit to buying or selling quantity
Easy transfer between wallets or exchanges

The world's first hybrid mobile payment system with built-in integrated crypto exchange.
Pay anyone, anywhere and anytime instantly
Transfer between UBOBANK and UBOCARD without charge
The app is simple and easy yet powerful
Auto-select function to use local currency or Crypto autonomously
Very secure transactions
Manage your UBOCARD
Instant transaction
Buy or Sell Crypto coins directly from UBOPAY
There is no transaction volume limit
Integration with third-party payment gateways
Uncontested payment option - NFC / QRC
Anyone can download UBOPAY App to their phone and start using it soon.
Use UBOPAY as your primary account. Accept and make payments, set up direct debits, shop online and live - all with one account.

Quick Facts
More than 300 Participants from around the world participated in our Beta-Version Protocol Testing.
Scheduled for release in third quarter 2018
Currently we are running test protocol with BTC and ETH, we will add UBO after ICO. Thus, increasing demand for UBOCOIN naturally.

Invest, store, use and move your cryptocurrency conveniently and securely with Ubonium’s robust ecosystem


Providing Baas for The Crypto-Community
Store, send, receive, transfer, exchange or invest with Ubobank – The bank for cryptocurrencies for the crypto community. Convenient and Bank-grade security for all transactions. Use Ubocard with Ubobank for purchases over 50 million stores world-wide with ATM facilities to withdraw your cryptocurrencies conveniently. Ubobank uses cold-vault technology to store your cryptocurrencies securely but gives you access to your vault safely without the risk for malicious hacking. Transfer funds between your Ubopay Application and Ubocard using Ubobank account securely and conveniently.


Multisig Crypto Accounts
View your Crypto Balances at a click
Mirrored vault access technology
Bank-graded internet security
Built-in Exchange
Transfer funds in between crypto accounts with 0%
Full KYC/AML compliant
Integrated into UBOPAY for convenient use
0% transfer charges for Ubocoins

For your personal crypto banking or Business, we covered both. We are just like a bank. Except, most of our services are free.

UBOCOIN – Investable, Scalable, Secure and Usable

Token Name : UBOCOIN
Token Symbol : UBO
Function : Exchangeable Utility Tokens
Token Sale Start Date : 1 March 2018
Token Sale Close Date : 10 May 2018
Cost of per UBO Token : 0.001 ETH
Token Type : ETHEREUM
Smart Contract : ERC20 & ERC223 STANDARD COMPLIANT
Softcap : $3,500,000 USD
Hardcap : $60,000,000 USD
Terms of Token : 70 Days max, may finish early if there is an automatic early completion of token sale
Maximum issues of UBO Tokens : 300,000,000
Unsold Tokens : All unsold tokens will be destroyed automatically and Permanently
Secured way to purchase tokens : ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, DASH & FIAT PAYMENTS Contract is fully audited and approved for use. Contract is safe from any external calls. No further alteration is possible upon start of ICO.

Source Code: Audit

UBONIUM ROADMAPS – Not just roadmaps but our visions.

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