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UBCOIN - The Easiest Way To Exchange Cryptocurrency For Real Items And Conversely

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Greetings Community,

Exchange of crypto goods
The Ubcoin market is the easiest way to exchange cryptocurrency for real stuff and vice versa.

Every second smartphone sold in CIS countries comes with Ubank onboard apps that have been installed as default apps.

Ubank today We know how to treat investors well and keep our promises.

16+ million Ubank application downloads on Android and iOS. And more than 5 million registered users worldwide.
2.5 million monthly active users in Ubank and over 200,000 active users every day.
20 + million Transactions are processed by Ubank system every year since 2013.

What is UbcoinMarket?
Ubcoin Marketplace - the next leap forward for Ubank, leading mobile payment applications in Eastern Europe. Now with Ethereal blockchain, UBC traded cryptocurrencies, and smart peer-to-peer contracts to buy things for cryptocurrency.

Crypto currency mass adoption
We promote the mass adoption of digital assets that are the means of completion and investment vehicles.

Peer-to-peer interaction
Cut as many intermediaries as possible. This platform facilitates intelligent contract execution between independent parties.

The legal market
We are developing AI technology to post pre-screen advertising due to potential violation of reason, morality, security and good maintenance.

Blockchain enables decentralized initiation, completion and fulfillment of transactions. Immediate payments made on performance under smart contract.

The interface is perfect
Our interface design provides a harmonious and seamless experience to buy and sell goods globally.

Go to community
We strive to open our APIs to develop the best adaptation of platforms for specific local needs. Also we envisage the involvement of third-party providers (ie shipping companies, notaries).

How it works

Ecosystem for exchange of goods into cryptocurrency, and back.
We bridge the gap between crypto and the real world.

Bulk Consumers
Get UBC coins without mining or exchange, just by selling goods and services. An easy way to become an investor-owner in crypto currency.

Miners and crypto investors
Enjoy their crypto wealth by purchasing real world goods and services. No conversion to meet money needs, transaction settled in digital currency with smart contract.

Join a personal pre-sale to get a 57% discount Join the Whitelist to get a 29%
Technical schemes The Ubcoin platform implements blockchain technology to create, manage, and operate token and tobacco cryptos and platforms.

Road mapWe have traveled a lot and there is still much to do

2006 - 2011
NaviFon launch - mobile navigation app.
• Launch Utalk - crossplatform messaging client.
• Prepaid agreement with Samsung.
• Ubank brand registration.

2013 - 2014
• Ubank Launch.
• Prepay agreement with Fly.
• Ubank collects $ 8 million in investment from Runa Capital, which leads investment in Russian business funds.
• More than 3 million users.
• Preinstallment agreement with Huawei

2015 - 2017
• Strategic partnership with MDM Bank.
• Co-branded cards are launched.
• The Ubank financial market model was launched.
• 6.1 million Ubank application downloads on GooglePlay.
• Strategic partnership with Sovcombank.
• 12 million Ubank app downloads on GooglePlay.

2018 - WE HERE
• The beta smart-contract platform was developed.
• Support and verification teams are formed.
• Beta-testing MVP through existing app distribution channels with leading smartphone manufacturers.
• Launch of MVP in Eastern Europe.
• Basic KYC framework developed.

• The full version of the app was launched in Eastern Europe.
• The app distribution agreement is extended to additional territories.
• Open API Beta developed.
• Launches in the Middle East and South Korea.
• AI-screening beta developed.
• Launch in Southeast Asia and South Asia.
• Open API is available for developers.
• Launch in Latin America.
• A complete AI filtering tool is launched.

ICO will be held from 2 April to 31 May
Bonus for Initial Investor
Token distribution
The maximum supply of tokens will be distributed as follows:
5% Limited Private Pre-Sale
200 000 000 tokens max
4% Bounty & Advisors
160 000 000 tokens max
45% Public Placement (ICO)
1 800 000 000 tokens max
3% Community Rewards
120 000 000 tokens max
12% Team Allocation
480 000 000 tokens max
31% Reserve Pool
1 240 000 000 tokens max

Long-Term Token Value

Native to ecosystem
UBC token is native to peer-to-peer marketplace ecosystem. Smart contracts will not accept other cryptocurrency.

Utility incentive
Significant portion of tokens set aside for growing business, ensuring no new tokens enter into circulation at prices lower than during initial Token Sale.

Token buyback program
UBC token holders receive discounts on fees linked to size of their UBC holdings. Incentive for clients to buy and hold UBC.

Reserve pool
Strong vesting and anti-dumping prevention mechanisms.

Team locked-in
Up to 10% of Ubcoins's net operating profits diverted to buyback at 10% above the greater of market or placement token price.

Burn program
5% of Ubcoin fees from user transactions are burned to reduce token supply as business grows.

Project Credentials

Mature existing company 
Since 2009. We are leading mobile developers, turning new technologies into popular consumer applications. 

16 million app installations
Current product, Ubank, has over 16 million installations worldwide.

Great team
50+ developers and top management and advisor talent.

Not a greenfield project
Ubcoin will enhance and reinvent existing product value proposition, capitalizing on Ubank app reach and reputation.

Trusted by global tech leaders 
Samsung and Fly pre-install Ubank on all smartphones, sold in CIS, including new flagship Galaxy 9.

International insight
Management and advisors with experience in leading firms from U.S., Germany, Pakistan, South Korea.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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