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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

TIPPER - Social and Media Blocking Company

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Greetings Community,

What is Tipper

Tipper is a social and media blocking company that has decided to create a platform where users can monetize the content they create and pay when many people like their posts. If you generate any content and want to show it to the world, but you are not sure that people will pay for it, this platform can be the right idea for you.

The company believes that, if the last decade represents the birth of a network of social media, we will witness the rise of social economics in this decade. By creating a decentralized platform supported by blockchain technology and having its own crypto, Tipper intends to disrupt the social media market by paying people for the content they create.

By creating Tipper Blockchain, the company has decided to leave "likes" and "views" aside and instead creates a system that rewards users through content monetization. Companies know that people want to fund people who need money to work in content they enjoy, but most people do not have a lot of money.

Due to this problem, Tipper has created a system where people can tip content with a small amount of money, invest in content by paying costs to creators and more. This allows the company to create a system where more than 250,000 microtransaction transactions are conducted every day.

How is Tipper Content Investing Network Economy Work?
The company works with four different pillars that make business work. The first pillar is a tip model. With the goal of turning tips into likes, the company allows its users to give money to content creators instead of liking the post. This payment can be a real change.

If many people like the contents of a person, then this person can reach some money with a good position in social media. There is no limit to how much you can get with a post. Maybe you can buy coffee, maybe the post can pay the entire month of your work if it really becomes a virus.

The second pillar is the investment content. By investing in your channel you will be able to earn a small percentage of what the owner makes. Users can sell their channel shares and this will allow them to have money to start content production while they have to pay a percentage for money or promotions made by the investor.

The third pillar is the monetization of the moment. The company does not make 100% clear why it's right with the monetization of moments, but it's clear that people will be able to tip you because it creates a moment that will not be forgotten by them and you will be able to get the best. amount of money by creating it.

The fourth and final pillar of the company is a branded tip. Using this system, companies will be able to pay for advertising space and can send personalized tips with their brands to users they want to contact. This will be very important for the financial viability of the company, as it does not charge any fees from users.

Tipper TIPR ICO Details

To invest in Tipper, you must invest the Company's Initial Coin Offering (ICO) at this time. Pre-sale is currently happening and major sales will take place from 21 February to 20 March.

Total token inventory is 700 million tokens, but only 30% of that amount will be sold, the rest will stay with the founders (10%) and will be mined (60%). Price per token is $ 0.20 USD per token during pre-sale and $ 0.25 USD per token during primary sale.

The sales hat is 50 million USD and the soft cape is 15 million USD. If the soft cover is not reached, ICO will be canceled. If you refer people to the company, you will get a 5% bonus bonus.

If someone you refer buys TIPR Tokens, you will receive 5% of the amount of tokens that person buys.

These rates will apply throughout the token sale.

The registration form contains a "referral code" field. In this field, the registrant should fill in the referral code of the person who has pronounced him / her. Similarly, all transactions confirmation emails will include a referral code which you can give to others to use.

For those who want to get started right now, before you receive their transaction confirmation email, please private message us on telegram or email us, and you will be assigned a referral code in short order. Let's spread the word far and wide. Happy earning!

For more information and join Tipper social media at this time please follow some sources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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