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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

TIPPER - Game Changing Social Media Platform For Generation Grower

Hello Everyone,

Initially, there was the birth of social networking, now the world will experience the birth of social economy. Tipper is a revolutionary decentralized social media platform founded on tip, a paradigm shift that changes the game that brings unlimited monetization for all users, and likes the end of cheating, demonization, and censorship. "Likes", "voices", and "views" put everyone to the same level of expression, but unlimited tips due to human diversity, unlocking an unprecedented Pandora's Box for the world of monetization. For the first time, tipping is now rewarded through four revolutionary monetization features (pillars) of two-way tips, Content Thinking Tips, Moments and Branded. Tipper Blockchain does 250 K + / s micro transactions,


Permanent residents or citizens of the USA or Panama, are not permitted to participate in any of these sale events. All participants must enter into the events and agreements. If you wish to participate, you must register with us and complete all fields in our registration form. It is your responsibility to check with your jurisdiction if you can participate, so please be sure to do so. If you are from the above jurisdictions or any other restricted jurisdictions and you somehow manage to participate (purchase and hold tokens) despite our advisory and restriction efforts, then we are not liable. The terms and agreements are outlined in detail below, in order to obtain TIPR tokens. The TIPR token is not a security or an object of speculation. Accredited investors from USA please contact us separately.


Neither the content of this website, nor any link or document (s) on this website, are designed to convey that a public offering of a security, or any other financial instrument, are being sold. Neither the Tipper Economy website (www.tippereconomy.io), nor the Tipper Economy whitepaper, or any other related content, suggests that the tokens under sale form a contract with any purchaser of these tokens. The sale of these tokens does not establish a contract of any sort between the seller and the purchaser of the tokens. Read full disclaimer linked below.


After participants register, they may buy Tipper tokens with Ether (ETH). Please DO NOT submit an exchange wallet address in the form below, nor send any ETH from any exchange wallets. We will only send your TIPR tokens to the address you provide in the registration form below. Please send ETH from the same address you want to receive the TIPR tokens at.

The distribution of the TIPR tokens will occur within 2 weeks of the token sale closing date. The token type is ERC20. Fixed supply, no more issues. Unsold tokens from the main sale will be burned.


To participate, all we require is your email, full name, country of residence, intended ETH amount and ETHER address you will be sending from. Following your submission of the registration form, you will receive an email confirming your registration. Please note that due to high volume of registrations, this could take up to 24 hours.


If someone you refer buys TIPR Tokens, you will receive 5% of the amount of tokens that person buys.

These rates will apply throughout the token sale.

The registration form contains a "referral code" field. In this field, the registrant should fill in the referral code of the person who has pronounced him / her. Similarly, all transactions confirmation emails will include a referral code which you can give to others to use.

For those who want to get started right now, before you receive their transaction confirmation email, please private message us on telegram or email us, and you will be assigned a referral code in short order. Let's spread the word far and wide. Happy earning!


1 ETH = 4,000 TIPR (ENDS MARCH 31)

After you fill and submit this form, you will be taken to your page where you will see our sale contract address. That address is where you will send your ETH. After the main sale ends, we will send your Tipper tokens only to the wallet address.

Please send ETH from the same address you 've provided in the registration form below. We will only send tokens to that same address. Moreover, we will only send TIPR to address we have received ETH from. MEW wallets only please. Please DO NOT send ETH from an exchange wallet. Please note that we will not send tokens to an exchange wallet.

First come, first serve. Position is only locked in after ETH is sent successfully, not just by registering.

For more information and join Tipper social media now please follow some of the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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