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Friday, March 30, 2018

TIHOSAY - Turning Their Cryptocurrency Into a Spendable Capital

Foto Tihosay.

Hello Everyone,

TIHOSAY leads the world of cryptocurrency into the future by solving a big problem for the user: turning their cryptocurrency into a spendable capital. Using TIHOSAY debit cards, consumers can convert their cryptocurrency to local fiat and withdraw from ATM, or they can conveniently use their debit card at the store or online. Along with the ease of use associated with TIHOSAY debit cards, consumers also have other benefits. These include inheritance systems that generate unique code for heirs that are registered in unfortunate events of user negligence. TIHOSAY has an established network of trusted merchants and affiliates to enable customers to purchase worldwide confidently. All of these benefits, and more, are available at industry-leading low cost and available by creating a TIHOSAY account.

The following is TIHOSAY VISA® DEBIT CARD which allows you to convert some crypto assets into a local FIAT and offer Shopping / Withdrawal / Online Expenditure / Offline simultaneously.

You can convert your ETH / BTC / ETC / LTC / XRP / NEO / DASH / XMR / ZEC assets safely, quickly and easily to FIAT with excellent interbank conversion rates. You can easily send your assets as local currency in other countries.

In addition to the usual market exchange model in the structure to be developed, there will be Merchant / User oriented developments. All transactions with TIHOSAY TUKAR are much cheaper.

It aims to increase spending significantly by providing many advantages to merchants along with general exchange users. You can use all services with one TIHOSAY account. The TIHOSAY EXCHANGE platform allows converting cryptocurrency to CASH.

Your investment is also secured by TIHOSAY after you. In the event of a possible death, all Users may choose as many heirs as they wish and provide a unique percentage for each person.

The heir information is stored securely in BlockChain thanks to a smart contract. A custom code is created for each heir when the inheritance list is complete. The resulting legacy code can be revoked at any time by the account holder.

The affiliate system supports all Users. Any new User invited to TIHOSAY EXCHANGE will refund you as an advantage. You get 50% of any fees User pays on Exchange transactions (Buy / Sell). There is no time limit on sales partnerships. Users can choose to load it automatically as FIAT on the card by converting the revenue they earn from the affiliate system to 9 different cryptocurrencies.


Q1 2017: TIHOSAY Idea Created
Q3 2017: Research and Team Formation
Q4 2017: ITHOSAY and Pre-Agreement Card Design
Q2 2018: ICO begins on
Q2 2018: Overall Rapid Growth Platform
Q3 2018: ITHOSAY Exchange and Applications are Operational
Q4 2018: VISA® Fund Liquid Pool Formation
Q4 2018: ITHOSAY Card Distribution


Advisory board

For More Information:

Bitcointalk name :Aray80

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