Friday, March 30, 2018

TIHOSAY - Token Which Meets ERC-20 Using ETHEREUM Substructure

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TIHOSAY is an ERC-20 compliant token that uses ETHEREUM substructure.
TIHOSAY benefits from many advantages of Ethereum ecosystem. Here, all details such as Card,Stock Exchange,ICO Requests,Trusted Merchant Credits,Affiliate,Inheritance,ICO details, Team,Roadmap and Terms of Use for TIHOSAY are explained.


TIHOSAY allows TIHOSAY token and other cryptocurrencies to be a payment method by creating its own exchange market and VISA® DEBIT CARD types. We gather all merchants/users under one roof. An exchange opportunity is offered to merchants for their digital assets without any commission by providing free daily exchange rights in TIHOSAY exchange. All TIHOSAY VISA® DEBIT CARD users can convert 9 different supported cyrptocurrencies to local FIAT, withdraw cash, and for shopping.

Buying and selling transactions can be realized instantly on TIHOSAY EXCHANGE with TIHOSAY VISA® DEBIT CARD. You can make transactions instantly by transferring the money on your card to stock exchange or you can use the money on the stock exchange instantly in your cash and online/offline shopping by transferring it to your card.TIHOSAY liquid pool is actively used for all transactions to take place instantly and smoothly.

TIHOSAY Affiliate 

TIHOSAY Exchange allows all users to participate in the affiliate system. It shares 50% of the fees obtained from buying and selling transactions from every new user
who registers with a specially created invitation address. (50% of the total fee paid by the invited user is given to inviting user with no additional fee).



In addition to the usual exchange market models in the structure that is being developed, there will be Merchant/Useroriented developments. All transactions with TIHOSAY EXCHANGE are much less costly. It is aimed to increase shopping by providing many advantages to merchants together with the general exchange users.You can use all services with a single TIHOSAY account. All TIHOSAY CARD, TIHOSAY INHERITANCE, TIHOSAY AFFILIATE, TIHOSAY EXCHANGE, TIHOSAY MERCHANT options will be accessible by a single application through mobile and Windows etc. platforms. TIHOSAY EXCHANGE platform allows the conversion of cryptocurrencies to CASH. TIHOSAY EXCHANGE user commission rates are more advantageous when buying and selling TIHOSAY. Maker %0,05 - Taker %0,10 while buying and selling TIHOSAY, Maker %0,10 - Taker %0,15 while buying and selling other cryptocurrencies.

ICO Details 10

Minimum participation amount for Pre-ICO:ETH 1
Minimum participation amount for ICO:ETH 0.1
Pre-ICO token sale price:ETH 0.001
ICO token sale price:ETH 0.0013
- Maximum purchase limit per person is unlimited.
- All tokens which are separated for the token sale but didn't purchase will be burned.
- Only Ethereum is accepted. Do not send Ether from addresses you do not have complete control over. Be sure to
use a token that is compatible with wallets such as MyEtherWallet,MetaMask,Mist,etc.

ICO Fund Distribution


Q1 2017: TIHOSAY Idea Created
Q4 2017: Design Of TIHOSAY Cards And Pre-Agreements
Q2 2018: Quick Growth Of The Entire Platform
Q4 2018: VISA® Fund Liquid Pool Formation
Q3 2017: Research And Team Formation
Q2 2018: ICO initiated
Q3 2018: TIHOSAY Exchange And Applications Are Operational
Q4 2018: Distribution Of TIHOSAY Cards.

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