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Sunday, March 4, 2018

SWXCOIN - Swx Coins Are Made To Approve Adults

Foto Swx Coin.

Greetings Community, In this blog I will introduce about SwxCoin project, and for more details let's just go to the following reviews:

coin swx

Swx coins are made to approve adults

With so much to say in the media about approval and acting on the wrong message, swx coins are created to ensure that parents who agree with others agree, meet and have fun.

Cryptocurrency is not just about bitcoin, cryptocurrency has opened up the digital landscape to opportunities beyond your wildest fantasies.

The swx coin is a swingers exchange and is created to ensure privacy, security & clarity between approved adults, so you control what you are starving and want ...

coin swx has the following offer:

100 Million Coin maximum.
Built on the Ethereal blockade and smart contract.
Desire database to connect millions of approved adults worldwide.
The Dapp app is made for complete anonymity.
An experienced and dynamic production team with technical know-how.

Adult parenting can buy silver and anonymous swx coins for use in digital purses and through the use of digital desires Dapps on their phones or computers, they can determine what they want, need and what is taboo.

These limits are difficult to encode with the coins they spend in the form of smart contracts.

This coin receiver or acceptor then agrees to the terms of the smart contract, and this information is notarized and stored with the wish database.

Dapp on the phone also acts as an anonymous gift (a glimpse of swx coin technology) that lets users push coins from their phones and benefit from a direct link.

Wisdom and clarity are intertwined for carriers and receivers of swx coins, an agreement tied to your sexual fantasies.

Through the use of desire database, adults agree to safely create free gifts to the global network, offering coins with their hard coded limits to connect with fantasists worldwide.

Security and anonymity are very important with swx coins, all contracts are shared between the user's wallet ID, blockchain and repository desire to achieve triple security.

To buy coins, use Dapp's digital desires or access the desire repository, no email or identity ever needed or requested.

As the world changes, we believe that feeling safe and secure when you are hungry for your deepest fantasies can be achieved without fear or accusation with a swx coin.

From our interactions during case studies with over 500,000 interested adults, we can refine our offer to meet all, whatever your fun, whatever your digital desires ....

Why invest in swx coin?

Swx coins are a sensible investment because not only rely on technology or mass adoption to be successful, the swx coin is about finding support from like-minded and agreeable adults.

In the US alone, a recent study mentions the number of active swingers assigned around 13 Million, feedback from our worldwide market research has proven that early adopters' coverage has enormous potential, solving a very real problem for hundreds of millions of people adult who agreed, how to protect the limit while still fulfilling its fantasy.

As the adopters of the swx coins grow in number, the demand will raise the value of the coin; therefore, we believe that the swx coin is a viable investment opportunity for all investors.

swx coin strategy
The funds are raised to a value of 700 BTC / 18000 ETH
Our long-term desire is largely determined by the funds that accumulate during our coin crowd. To illustrate our wishes, we have made a brief overview explaining the planned market development and penetration.


Enhance development teams to further improve Dapp and databases. Next develop our database desires & digital desires Dapp (accelerated mobile pages / open source technologies) to launch. Completed i-beacon connection protocol for mobile Dapp. Integrate the wish database with the security ruleset.


Translate our platforms into multiple languages, initially targeting Russia, China, Germany, Hindi, Japan, France and Spain.

Market penetration

Launched a global platform, engaging through worldwide chatrooms with 500,000 pre-conditioning participants and participants. Launch of early whispered campaigns to build trust and awareness, supporting the proposition of swx coins. Capture fantasy finders on social media networks, through targeted and segmented communications.

swx coin crowdsale
We raise funds through a swx currency swap and allow investors the opportunity to buy swx coins before being enrolled in various exchanges.

The swx coin will hold a token sale on March 12, 2018, running until April 30, 2018. Any coins left after the crowd will be burned.

You can buy swx coins by Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or pay by card. The swx coins will initially be offered at $ 0.10c per coin or equivalent BTC / ETH.

The following lift structure has been set up to reward those who choose to invest early.

swx coin allocation

The swx coin will fuel the swx coin development, usage & adoption.
The swx coin will be limited to 100,000,000 (100 million).
Depending on the amount of attracted funds, the swx coins will be distributed as follows:

Exchange listings
We will be applying to the list of exchanges below initially.

The application status for each exchange will be updated as and when we get their responses.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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