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Thursday, March 8, 2018

STASYQ - Platform With Unique Erotic Content Launched In 2015

Foto StasyQ.

Greetings Community,

What is StasyQ?

StasyQ is a platform with a unique erotic content that was launched in 2015. Glamorous beautiful models show their fabulous bodies in 4K with exclusively composed music. StasyQ is an already working project with up to 1 000 000 unique visitors monthly, more than 1 million subscribers on the social media, more than 200 unique professional videos.

Where can I see MVP or Demo?

StasyQ is an already working project that was launched in 2015. You can check our platform: https://stasyq.com/

StasyQ creates a blockchain based platform with the following advantages:

For users
Full anonymous transactions, data and usage
There is no risk of blocking your bank account
No billing service fee
All transactions are made in crypto
For models, manufacturers, content providers
Ability to monetize content yourself via platform
Receive direct payments from users in cryptocurrency
Receive up to 90% of revenue
Submitting fair payments through smart-contract
No billing service fee
There is no risk of blocking your bank account
No marketing costs required
Get your own content with a blockchain solution.

StasyCoin (SQOIN) - token and smart contract ERC20 system, based on the Ethereal blockfain protocol.

SQOIN is designed to solve the most frustrating problems in the adult industry

Popularity SQOIN
Limited Token Supplies - 350,000,000 SQOIN
All unsold tokens will be burned
The StasyQ platform will light up officially burning SQOIN tokens
Users must purchase SQOIN to view StasyQ content
High-scale SQOIN solutions - easily integrated for sites, manufacturers and models with similar content types.
Limited token bidding in the market - projects motivate models to hold tokens in their accounts for profit.

Token distribution

The funds collected during the ICO will allow to continue development and to implement the blockchain technology in StasyQ. The more funds are collected, the larger scale we reach.

ICO funds distribution



StasyQ.com is launched
First videos and positive feedback

Q1 2017
More than 80 hot models at StasyQ
More than 100,000,000 video views

Q2 2017
First VR video shooting and positive feedback
900,000 subscribers on the social media

Q3 2017
Idea of the integration of blockchain technology into StasyQ
Up to 1 000 000 unique users monthly

Q4 2017
Team formation for the development of the blockchain solution
Writing of the whitepaper

Q1 2018
Landing page and whitepaper are finished
ICO is started

Q2 2018
Continuation of shooting videos
Negotiations with exchanges

Q3 2018
Beta-version of StasyLive platform
Integration of the blockchain solution into StasyQ

Q4 2018
SQOIN integration on other websites
Aggressive marketing campaign. Reaching up to 5,000,000 visitors monthly.

StasyQ Team

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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