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Thursday, March 8, 2018

STASYQ - Glamorous Beautiful Models Show Their Amazing Bodies In 4K With Exclusive Music Exclusively

Foto StasyQ.

Hello All, In this new post I will introduce about StasyQ project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Hide your sins with the StashQ blockchain platform. StasyQ brings the crypto revolution to the adult industry.

What is StasyQ?

StasyQ is a unique erotic content platform launched in 2015. Glamorous beautiful models show their amazing bodies in 4K with exclusively put together music. StasyQ is a project that already runs with a maximum of 1 000 000 unique visitors every month, over 1 million subscribers in social media, over 200 unique professional videos.

Priority objectives of the project:
  • Create a unique platform for viewing and sharing erotic content, where models and producers receive income directly from users, bypassing
  • payment services
  •  Ensure an equitable distribution of model/producer income and reduce
    transaction costs
  •  Increase the privacy and security of users by paying for viewing content in
  •  Develop a solution of implementation of cryptocurrency on websites with
    similar content


We will create a unique platform for adults, where anyone will be able to relax and get
aesthetic pleasure. We will unite hundreds of thousands of users, models and producers in one place. We will create a platform where you can not only enjoy your
leisure time, but also earn excellent money.

StasyQ: target audience
  • Lovers of beautiful eroticism

Magnificent Magnificent locations, beautiful photos, chic models – the high-quality content of StasyQ will bring aesthetic pleasure to "gourmets" and connoisseurs of adult content. Users will be able to rate photos and videos, as well as vote for the next shooting location. The value of the vote will directly depend on the amount of cryptocurrency in the personal account. Users will also be able to communicate in live chats with models.

  • Professional models

Want to be a StasyGirl? The platform will destroy the principles established by decades, when the site takes the lion's share of profits. With the use of cryptocurrency, revenue will be shared fairly with the help of Smart Contract.

Webcam models Join the StasyQ platform and become a StasyLive model! Your income will be distributed on a fair and transparent basis.

  • People hiding their preferences

For those who want to stay in the shadows and hide their favors, the platform will
implement payments in cryptocurrency, which will ensure the anonymity of payment
information. And no one can know about your hobbies.

  • Producers

Producers Producers that have their own and unique content will be able to upload their models' videos to the platform. StasyQ moderators will only allow the best and highest-quality content that meet the StasyQ requirements. Producer’s income will be accrued through a smart contract.

  • Third-party sites and content providers

Third-party sites with similar content will be able to connect the ready-made solution
to their platform, which will provide all the same benefits as StasyQ.

The main components of the StasyQ platform:

Important information on ICO

A smart contract will stop ETH reception when a limit of 20,000 ETH is reached, and
unsold tokens during ICO will be burned.

What is SQOIN?

StasyCoin (SQOIN) - token ERC20 and smart-contract system, based on the Ethereal blocket protocol. SQOIN is a token utility designed to solve the most frustrating problems in the mature industry

SQOIN value increases with each subsequent stage


StasyQ.com launched
First video and positive feedback

Q1 2017
More than 80 hot models in StasyQ
Over 100,000 views of video

Q2 2017
First VR video shoot and positive feedback
900,000 subscribers in social media

Q3 2017
The idea of integration of blockchain technology becomes StasyQ
Up to 1 000 000 unique users every month

Q4 2017
Team building for the development of blockchain solutions
Write from whitepaper

Q1 2018
The landing page and whitepaper are done
ICO begins

Q2 2018
Continuing video shoot
Negotiations with exchange

Q3 2018
The beta version of the StasyLive platform
Integration of blockchain solutions to StasyQ

Q4 2018
SQOIN integration on other websites
Aggressive marketing campaigns. Reach a maximum of 5,000,000 monthly visitors.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name : Aray80

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