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STACYQ - Bringing the Crypto Revolution Into The Industry

Foto StasyQ Platform.

Hello Everyone,

What is StasyQ?

StasyQ is a unique unique content platform launched in 2015. Glamorous beautiful models show their amazing bodies in 4K with exclusive music. StasyQ is a project that already runs with a maximum of 1 000 000 unique visitors every month, over 1 million subscribers in social media, over 200 unique professional videos.

Goals StasyQ
We aim to bring the crypto revolution to a busy industry.

Meet StasyQ
StasyQ - A unique platform with great quality content, functioning since 2015. Its main advantages from other similar sites are careful selection of professional and amateur models, high-resolution video clip publications, photos with correct exposure and exclusive authors. `s style. Today, this is a very popular source, visited by 600,000-1 million people worldwide every month.

High quality content
More than 800,000 visits per month
It's been working since 2015
Users spend 10-12 minutes on StasyQ

VR content

Virtual reality (VR) typically refers to computer technology that uses software to produce realistic, realistic images, sounds and realistic sensations that mimic the truth.

The audience can be next to the model, wearing VR glasses. Videos in this format will provide a unique light and emotional sensation. The availability of such content on the platform enables StasyQ to stand out in the social industry marketplace and attract the public.
True 180 degree catch
UHD 4K video quality
Choose your fav point of view

StasyQ in numbers

StasyQ creates a blockchain based platform with the following advantages:

For users
Fully anonymous transactions, data and usage
No risk of your bank account blocking
No billing services fees
All transactions are made in cryptocurrency
For models, producers, content providers
Ability to monetize the content through the platform
Receiving payments directly from users in cryptocurrency
Receive up to 90% of revenue
Fair payment distribution through the smart-contract
No billing services fees
No risk of your bank account blocking
No need for marketing expenses
Monetizing your own content with a blockchain solution

StasyCoin (SQOIN) - ERC20 token and smart contract system, based on Ethereum blockchain protocol.

SQOIN is designed to solve the most frustrating problems in the industry

Popularity of SQOIN
Token supply is limited - 350,000,000 SQOIN
All unsold tokens will be burned
StasyQ platform will regulary burn SQOIN tokens
Users will have to buy SQOIN to be able to view StasyQ content
High scale of SQOIN - easily integrated solution for sites, producers and models with similar type of content.
Limited token offer at the market - the project motivates models to hold tokens on their accounts to get advantages.


- StasyQ.com site was launched
- First videos and positive feedback

Q1 2017
- Over 80 hottest models
- 0.8 million followers on social media

Q2 2017
- First 3D VR shooting of models and positive feedback
- Over 100 000 000 video views

Q3 2017
- Idea of ​​turning StasyQ into a world leader in contemporary content on blockchain with a drastically new future for models, customers and creators
- 1 million unique users per month

Q4 2017
- Forming of the new core team for blockchain development
- Creation of a Whitepaper
- Creation of StasyQ financial model

Q1 2018
- Landing page and whitepaper disclosed to the public
- Ongoing StasyQ exclusive content creation

Q2 2018
- Start of the Crowdsale
- Negotiations with cryptocurrency exchanges
- Attracting new models and studios

Q3 2018
- Beta version of StasyLive platform
- Integration of blockchain solutions into StasyQ website
- Implementation of SQOIN on StasyQ website - getting rid of high fees and increasing transactions security

Q4 2018
and beyond
- Third-party video content integration. Studios and produces will be able to add content to the platform sections themselves
- Introducing of SQOIN for third-party sites increases token demand and popularity
- Marketing, attracting of crypto and more audience to the platform, reaching 3-5 million users per month.

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username :Aray80

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