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Sunday, March 11, 2018

SKYHOPECOIN - Utility Token Used For Safe and Fast Freelancer Payments


Hello All,


Skyhope Coin (SHC) is an ERC-20 token ethereum based platform that will be the utility token used for secure and fast freelancer payments. Equipped with a Web Based Forum that makes it easy for people, organizations and companies to find and offer jobs to freelancers worldwide registered in our forum. For this is our ambitious goal that Skyhope Coin will be a future payment in every aspect of freelance that connects people who need each other safely and securely.

Skyhope philosophy holds the principle of trust to be reliable for its members to improve service and ease in providing convenience in hiring and finding work in communicating and getting maximum results.

The purpose of skyhopes is to become a highly competitive, secure, fast forum with world-class credibility, Create positive competitiveness in attracting Users, through empowerment of technological advancement and active role to create added value, work effectiveness and cost efficiency, as a form of active participation in the implementation of good governance.

providing ease in negotiations between hiring and job seekers on threads such as auctions and security in transactions due to escrow system




For more information and join Skyhopecoin social media today please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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