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SANCOJ - The Problems We Completed

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Hello Everyone,

About Sancoj

The word "SANCOJ" is the Esperanto word meaning "OPPORTUNITY" in English. It's as simple as Sancoj means opportunity. The Sancoj project intends to offer Opportunities to everyone free of charge (with zero transaction fees). We know that the word opportunity has a very broad meaning and can be interpreted as work, project contract, event, learning, certification, socialization, talent management / enhancement, buying and selling, business acquisition, distribution or franchising. why do we use our hybrid algorithm to sync everything into one simple platform while allowing users to utilize our artificial Artificial Artificial Agent (Zingo) in making discovery and sensitive opportunity decisions.

The Problems We Completed

Issue 1
You currently need to visit many apps for various opportunities. You use chat apps to chat with loved ones, use the market to trade, socialize on social networks, search for job sites, write test platforms, learn about e-learning apps and so on, share your keywords that confront you Your account risk was hacked
Sancoj uses a simple interface, supported by advanced sync algorithms to meet most of your internet needs in one place: You can chat, buy business, franchise, lend money, get funds, etc. and socialize. With Sancoj, you are guaranteed, you spend less time and energy to accomplish the most important thing and this increases your productivity level.

Issue 2
Posting and getting opportunities on the internet requires money. Whether you post jobs, products, etc. or you get a job on the internet, most of the time, you will be required to pay a commission or transaction fee.
Sancoj offers deals at no cost. Means that if you do work through Sancoj and get paid, you save 100% of the proceeds. We do not take commissions unless you advertise or make special requests.

Issue 3
The platforms and companies that run them make negative decisions on the users every day. User accounts can be blocked, payments not processed, payments pended, orders canceled, incentives / rights revoked, etc.
Sancoj is built on a strong Ethereum Blockchain that runs without central government, thus putting the power in the hands of the users. Any agreement reached on Sancoj by the user, supported and run through an unchanged ethical smart contract. Payments are transferred peer-to-peer and not by admin or department of Sancoj account. This means that once a user makes the intended payment order, it's directly from the sender's wallet to the recipient's wallet, securely and instantly.

Issue 4
One of the biggest problems of online transactions is fraud. People promise so much and give little or nothing, thus making many internet users lose money every day.
The Sancoj platform exploits the power of the escrow system in reducing fraud. Users can ask business partners to put money into escrow, while awaiting the fulfillment of their agreement. Once the approved conditions are met, the user will release the funds. It protects both parties.

Issue 5
Once money is involved, many disagreements are expected from business, work or social partners. Even funds that can be escrow can cause disagreement if one party is not satisfied.
Sancoj provides advance arbitration modules and qualified legal personnel to handle negotiation, dispute resolution or disagreement if users fail to resolve their issues through dialogue.

Issue 6
Many people today are not aware of their abilities. They look for opportunities within their training path, without realizing that a distant hobby can bring financial breakthrough. This causes serious use of the human brain that brings limitations, failures, hunger, instability, etc. to the community.
Sancoj allows sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Agent (Zingo) to think for the user, analyze the user's mental, physical, social, and environmental capabilities, suggest opportunities and predict the user's success rate according to the recommended opportunities.

Issue 7
Financial limitations. As they say, finance is the blood of every business but most people do not have the funds needed to pursue their dreams.
Sancoj made it simple. Zingo analyzes the user's financial needs, finding solutions by helping users find solutions. Zingo advises donors, informs donors, persuades funders, negotiates refund strategies with funders and secures funds if approved for users.

Problem 8
Liquidity. Unfreezing money has become a big problem for online businesses especially those involved in sending large amounts of money. Bank rules and daily transfer and spending limits do not help.
The Sancoj project will use a debit card. Sancoj debit cards will allow users to spend their SANC tokens on POS, ATM, and online platforms worldwide. Due to daily transaction limits associated with debit cards, Sancoj intends to add an advanced module for international mass fund settlement supported by licensed financial groups operating in most parts of the world. This will allow large numbers of users to access their funds in bulk without limitation or liquidity limits.

Issue 9
Corruption in project execution. The lack of transparency makes it difficult to obtain the agreed quality for many projects, especially those given by the government. There is no transparency in the contract offer process, no transparency in the award process, no transparency in implementation, no transparency in monitoring. People tend to give less of the specifications and / or what they promise.
Our project monitoring module allows the owner the opportunity to authorize the community to monitor the project on their behalf and report it accordingly. Example: Road construction projects can be monitored by individuals around the construction area. Individuals can take real-time pictures and videos of completed or ongoing work and post them on the Sancoj platform. This will reduce bribes from the appropriate monitoring team and false job status reporting.

Issue 10
There is little or no competitiveness among opportunity seekers especially for full time jobs. This has reduced the flexibility in recruitment and fundraising costs.
Since all types of opportunities can use the bidding tool, the competitiveness among opportunity seekers will increase. Example: if a user wants to lend tokens for a 20% interest rate, seeing other funders willing to give 15% will make him double-check his strategy.


(a) Seeding Funding: 2014 - 2016
Fund was raised for early research and development. This fund was raised mainly by the management team and close associates.
Token Allocated: 10billion (from Early Investors’ Allocaon)
Price: 1BTC = 2billion tokens@ $4600 per BTC
(b) Pre-Sales April 16 - April 23 2018
Tokens to be Distributed: 5 billion
Price: $0.0005 (Accepted Currencies BTC, ETH)
Bonus: 68.75% off
(c) ICO May 1 - May 30, 2018
Token distribuon
for the allocated 50 billion SANC tokens to investors worldwide.
Tokens to be Distributed : 50billion


Soft cap : 500 ETH(Updated from 0 as requested by community)
HardCap : $60,000,000 (60 million)
Unsold Tokens : To be burnt
Date of Token Allocaon: Immediate
Accepted Currencies : BTC &ETH

Sancoj ICO will be escrowed by 2 CET reps:
Lauda and Mitchell
20% Released aer the ICO.
20% Aer Launch of the mobile applicaons (Android and iOS).
20% Aerintegrang 3 modules (Advert, Bulk Liquidity, Contractor Profiling).
20% Launch of AI Agent (Zingo).
20% Launch of De


For More Information:

Bitcointalk username :Aray80

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