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Sunday, March 18, 2018

SANCOJ - Offering Opportunities To Everyone For Free

Foto Sancoj.

Hello Everyone,

About the Project

About Sancoj
The word "SANCOJ" is the Esperanto word meaning "OPPORTUNITY" in English. It's as simple as Sancoj means opportunity. The Sancoj project intends to offer Opportunities to everyone free of charge (with zero transaction fees). We know that the word opportunity has a very broad meaning and can be interpreted as work, project contract, event, learning, certification, socialization, talent management / enhancement, buying and selling, business acquisition, distribution or franchising. why do we use our hybrid algorithm to sync everything into one simple platform while allowing users to make the most of our artificial Artificial Artificial Agent (Zingo) in making discovery and sensitive opportunity decisions.

Sancoj Logo
Everything about the SANCOJ project is made with care to bring success to its users

Green Color In Logo: Means green grass, productivity, odds, green pastures, smart work, chlorophyll that helps draw light (energy)

Old Blue Color in Logo: Means wealth, success, confidence, intelligence, stability and security.

The green color position in The Logo: Green is the base because green is productivity, smart work, etc. which is the foundation that will produce top results.

Blue Color Position in logo: Shows the wealth, success and stability generated by productivity and smart work. Conclusively, green and blue, marrying SANCOJ's logo to generate wealth and stability for users.

About Zingo
Zingo is an Artificial Intelligence Agent built into the Sancoj platform to analyze user data and suggest the most profitable opportunities to the user. We noticed that many people make career decisions based on their area of specialization and training, current financial status, current location, family ties, etc. They do not take into consideration the possibilities that other factors can offer.

Token And Funds

Token Sale

Token name: SANCOJ
Abbreviation: SANC
Pre-Sales April 16 - April 23 2018
Token distributed: 5 billion
Price: $0.0005
Accepted Currencies: BTC & ETH
Bonus: 68.75% off
ICO May 1 - May 30, 2018
Token distribution for the allocated 50 billion SANC tokens to investors worldwide. 

(People from China and US are not to participate)

Sancoj Escrow

Sancoj ICO will be Escrowed by 2 CET reps:
Lauda and Mitchell
Fund Release Details
20% Released after the ICO.
20% After Launch of the  mobile applications  (Android and iOS).
20% After integrating 3 modules (Advert, Bulk Liquidity, Contractor Profiling).
20% Launch of AI Agent (Zingo).
20% Launch of Debit card.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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