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Sunday, March 4, 2018

PYCOIN.IO - Privacy Maintaining Knowledge Based Knowledge Based Knowledge Platform

Greetings community,

Pycoin is privacy that maintains a knowledge base of decentralized knowledge-based knowledge to write, test and implement intelligent contracts that can be mathematically verified in Python to act as desired. Unlike the clever Ethereal contracts with a history of hacking and recurring hoards, hundreds of millions of dollars, Pycoin ensures that no deliberate / accidental run-time bugs or bugs can be used as a brilliant success in stealing Pycoin's corrupt funds and smart contracts. Pycoin It can also be used as a platform to launch a number of next-generation applications such as scalable desentralized exchange (DEXs), hedge funds and darkpools automatically.

Pycoin uses a simple, fresh, combinator-based, functional, non-loop and recursion language, designed to be used for crypto-currency applications and blocking applications as target languages ​​and Python, very popular and versatile. programming language as the source.

A simplicity has recently been released by Blockstream, which affects decentralized enterprise development applications. Due to the failure to complete Turing, its simplicity is consistent with static analysis that can be used to get the limits on the computing resources needed, before implementation. While Turing is incomplete, simplicity can announce the finite function, which we think is enough to develop a useful "smart contract" for a freely replicated insistent app.

Pycoin will unite DexOs as a blockchain algorithm model that can not be solved for long periods and based on the OrchOr architecture. Pycoin is simultaneously delivered to DAG through the blockchainfree network, the branched XRB network (Nano / Raiblocks), DAG based without crypto flavor.

Clconnector synchronization bridge codename "SyncBridge" will be held in the interaction between network-based and realtime DAG blockchain secure networks by executing smart Universal contract with Pycoin (Metacontract).

  • Phase 1-Testnet one-fall 2018
  • Stage 2 - Testnet two winter 2018
  • Phase 3-Security Audit and Stress Test-Spring 2019
  • The 4-stage Mainnet launch consists of synchronized DAG binary DAC network (XRB / Nano branching) and DexOS Gex Block which can not be solved in 2019
  • The Stage 5-launching Backbone (ASB Freedom Space free name), comprised of several mini and nano-statel sheets with load-based routers and distributed transceivers to build alternative planetary infrastructure left in low-Earth orbits (LEO) and high terrestrial orbits (HEO - surpasses all ASATS countries armed with large-scale anti-satellite missiles) for peer to peer users / validators / miners and data storage applications and cryptocurrencies - between winter 2019 and summer - init 2022

Provision Policy and Currency Policy:
Total coins planned to be launched: 62,000,000.001
Maximum Supply (Hardcap):
Available to developers and founding team: 9 million
Recommended for Bounty Hunters: 2 billion
Reserved for Controlled Emissions (calibrated minting) to reward users' average peer-to-peer-validator payments: 26,000,000, 001
 Limited Supply, with the amount set by the token sale.

Provide events to fund the creation, development, dissemination and expansion of awards.
Supported by useful and useful applications: Permissions for Pycoin-powered applications such as maintaining crypto privacy system and global payment system Hidden hypertensive, measurable infrastructure games, unmanned DEX, large Federation of Debt Scale, highly financed property and derivative contracts, toxic, crypto dark room and auto hedge fund

Pycoin Mainnet will have three participant classes; some of which are members of more than one class:
  • 1. Community-Users
  • 2. Enforcement Enforcement of selected executives at random
  • This will be selected through a transaction verification mechanism that regularly monitors DexOS and DAG networks.
  • 3. Legislator-Developer and Infrastructure Provider

Although currently under development by Laboratory Kohomology and geographic contributors distributed more jobs as a core team of developers, the Pycoin Mainnet decentralized management model is designed to provide a fair and empowering voice for everyone. Pycoin customers include ordinary Pycoin coin users. All customers will be able to actively influence the outcome of any YES / NO / Abstain sound proposal to update and modify Pycoin Synchronized Networks and value-based protocol systems.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name : Aray80

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