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POINTIUM - Blockchain-Based Decentralization Solutions That Solve Current Loyalty Program Problems Using Points

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The world is full of points and miles. Every company we face runs a loyalty program using points. The market of this point is worth over 300 billion dollars and grows 6% per year. However, that means there are many different types of points because there are many businesses around the world. In desperation, this makes it difficult for customers to manage and utilize their points. Even for businesses, unused points result in lower-than-expected loyalty program performance and increase their debt in a negative way

Pointium is a blockchain point management platform that addresses this issue. Pointium users can easily integrate and manage Pointium tokens and their points for any company worldwide in Pointium Wallet. Users can also easily exchange their points for the Pointium token, or Pointium token for partner points. In addition, the Pointium Wallet includes a Promotional Feed, which provides a real-time promotional or coupon partner to the user. This allows Pointium partnerships to reach more customers and to promote more loyalty programs. In addition, at Pointium Store, users can purchase products or services from a partnership.

Pointium was developed as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum platform and can utilize blockchain technology. Target Pointium from airlines, hotels, and travel agencies, which is the largest company in the market point, to online shopping malls around the world. With these advantages, Pointium, based on stronger, safer, and more efficient blockchain technology, will lead the 300 billion dollar market points in the world.

Summary of Token Sales

Pointium Token
Pointium Name Token
PNT Symbol Token
Decimal Token 18
Total Supply 1,600,000,000 PNT
Token Sale Hard Cap 800.000.000 PNT
Token Sale Soft Cap 50.000.000 PNT
Ethereum Coins Received (ETH) only


Hard Cap 240.000.000 PNT
1 April 1, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ April 15, 2018 (13:00 UTC)
Conversion Rate 1 1 ETH = 110,500 PNT (Bonus 30%)
Period 2 April 15, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ 29 April 2018 (13:00 UTC)
2nd Conversion Rate 1 ETH = 102,000 PNT (Bonus 20%)


Hard Cap 560,000,000 PNT
1 Period 1 May 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ May 15, 2018 (13:00 UTC)
Conversion Rate 1 1 ETH = 93,500 PNT (10% Bonus)
Period 2 May 15, 2018 (13:00 UTC) ~ 29 May 2018 (13:00 UTC)
2nd Conversion Rate 1 ETH = 85,000 PNT (Bonus)
KYC will be implemented after the end of the sale crowd.

Point and Function

Points and Miles are mostly taken in our economic activities. According to the survey, two-thirds of Americans use point systems from 29 different businesses, on average. For example, when flying on an airplane for a business trip, using a credit card, or using an Internet shopping center, points are collected at any time. Usually, these points are given a certain percentage of the purchase amount when we buy goods and services. For customers, points reduce product prices by allowing them to use points like cash for purchases of goods and services in the future. For businesses, they can expect increased customer loyalty and can encourage customers to focus on their services.

Cap Market Points

The market size of the point is estimated at about 90 billion dollars per year in the US alone, and the global point market is worth more than 300 billion dollars. In particular, points and mile systems are the most active in the travel industry. In the case of an airline, one airline operates one point worth 2 billion dollars per year. Globally, over 100 billion dollars annually are operated by airlines around the world. The market size of the point grows along with the global economy, and market size increases by 6% every year.

Features of Pointium

Pointium is a blockchain-based decentralization solution which solves the problems of current loyalty programs using points. Key features of Pointium include Pointium Wallet, Pointium Exchange, Promotion Feeds, and Pointium Shop.

Sales Token

Pointium Token (PNT) is an ERC-20 Token based on the Ethereum platform. It's compatible with ERC-20 wallets like MyEtherWallet and Metamask.
During the pre-sale and sale of the crowd, Pointium will provide 800,000,000 PNT, equivalent to 50% of the total supply (1,600,000,000 PNT). The remaining tokens will be burned.
ICO participants can repeatedly participate in pre-sales and sales of the crowd. Prior to participating, all participants must agree to the Pointium terms and conditions and upload an equivalent passport or ID for KYC. As soon as participation is complete, the PNT will be given to the ERC-20 participants' wallet.
After the crowd-sale is complete, the KYC procedure will proceed. Tokens that are not eligible during KYC will be burned and the Ethereum equivalent will be refunded, except for some charges (due to gas).
After KYC is complete, the token will be opened before the exchange list. The distribution of Pointium tokens is illustrated in a pie-chart.


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