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PEP NETWORK - Presenting Visually Appealing Content

Greetings Community,

What PEP network?
PEP Network's vision is to present exciting, emotionally appealing, and runtime visual content that pushes the industry forward to a new form of expressive content. Animojis, Live Stickers & Camera AR Lens is happening, the need for expressive content expands exponentially & has no personalization, engagement. The existing content market is closed and stuck with an outdated business model involving an unfair economy for Creators, Consumers & Developers.

PEP Network
The PEP network brings new standards to the industry, transforming existing business models into stronger, transparent and enables fast scalability in different markets, combining our innovations with Blockchain, AI and Distributed Rendering power, the PEP Network will bring Creators, Consumers, Developers and Render Miners jointly revolutionized the Economics of Personalized Content.

Why Blockchain

No Middleman
No commissions, full value transfer to artist & developer
Transfer value via blockchain guarantees no loss

Copyright Storage
All content details and exchange details are stored in blockchain.

Render Farm
Distributed rendering capabilities that leverage millions of idle CPU & GPUs for efficient remumerative rendering and keep track of by blockchain.

Global Reach
Content Eco-system is decentralized, in which the artists create, developers build and express the user

Funds are allocated transparently in accordance with pre-determined agreements

The smart contract model ensures the token is transferred to the influencer once the task is completed.


PEP Network Ecosystem

The first decentralized ecosystem for personalized expressive content trading on distributed rendering network. A community friendly and trustless personalized content exchange among participants achieved by blockchain technology, which allows
➔ Content ownership and copyright to creators
➔ Runtime personalization of content by consumers
➔ Facilitates custom apps to integrate and access content marketplace for developers
➔ Distributed rendering capability utilizing idle CPUs and GPUs for Render Farmers
thereby ensuring fair allocation of remuneration for all participants.
PEP Network ecosystem offers a decentralized marketplace for personalized and self expressive content. It will be one stop market for all self expressive and personalized content needs for the consumers and brands. It fosters direct economic relationships between developers, creators, consumers and Render Farmers with value shared among the participants.

The purpose of PEP Network ecosystem is to facilitate participants to create, copyright, manage and distribute personalized self expressive content. Participants use the services/ tools provided by this ecosystem to express themselves and also to create personalized content. To do so, they need to subscribe to use services and the payment for the same would using PEP token.

Token Details

Token Allocation Summary
In the PEP Network Smart contract Token generation, 600,000,000 PEP tokens will be created. 50% of the PEP tokens created will be sold to Public, and 5% reserved for Bonuses. The rest will be allocated for Reward & Incentives, Team and Future stakeholders. The contributions would be terminated upon achieving the Hard Cap or Sale tier end date is reached, whichever comes first.
● All the unsold tokens of the ICO token sales including bonuses would be transferred to Reward and Incentive Pool and locked in for a period of 6 months
● The PEP tokens allocated to the team would be locked in a smart contract for a 24 month vesting schedule with 6 months cliff 

Token Allocation
1. Hard Cap : $30 million
2. Payment Methods : BTC, ETH
3. Total PEP Tokens : 600,000,000
4. PEP Tokens for Sale : 50%

Token Sale Details
Whitelist PreSale : To Be Announced
Public sale : To Be Announced


(Jul 2015) Founded Mobigraph Inc
(Jun 2016) Launched QUGO
Launch Xpresso (Jan)
Chrome Plugin,Telegram Bot (Jun)
1 AR Partner Signed,400k Users (Nov)
(Apr)ICO Token Presale
(Jun)Wallet Integration Xpresso, API to developers
(Sep)1 keyboard partner ,Content Studio,2m users.
2 Messaging,Keyboard Apps,Bot-Studio,16M users.
Render Farming,ad-studio ,25M users(Jun)
Photo-Avatar,50M Users(Sep)
(Jan)Content Resell,Render Farming Mobile,
100M Users
Next Billion Users

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username :Aray80

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