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OTPPAY - "Omni Token Platform for Payments"

Hello Everyone,

OTPPAY is "Omni Token Platform for Payment", Blockchain-supported Wallet (Buy | Sell | Exchange & Pay). OTPPAY will be the largest platform in the world where all major crypto assets can be bought, traded, and even make payments to merchants at low cost directly or escrow based. The crypto pain point for fiat conversion by trader is bridged. Yes, via our innovative Matching and Learning Innovative matching order / transaction match machine we will convert each crypto currency into OTPPAY tokens and OTPPAY tokens into fiat currency on time.

OTPPAY is a unique payment platform, which will pave the way to use their favorite cryptocurrency to pay vendors / merchants instantly. We provide vendors with the security and convenience of receiving funds in fiat currency.

One can even change the primary payment option of each crypto currency into OTPPAY tokens or fiat currency instantaneously, thereby protecting them from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Our OTPPAY security system will be designed with a blend of traditional fiat currency security standards and the latest blockchain technology.

We will act as a catalyst to enable cross-border trade and timely cross-border business transactions that will reduce the dependence of the Forex medium. Our solution will interfere with the Forex / cross-border financial market instantaneously. Our API will interact with the global eKYC interface and hyper ledger to avoid anti-social transactions. Our mine data mining infrastructure will help us build a suspicious, negative database of suspicious transactions and block them in the future, saving crypto miners time & money.

In the near future, our AI-powered smart engine will be used to frame the Crypto Credit Rating (CCR) system, where merchants & users will benefit from the OTPPAY Lending feature.

Any new technological advances will be considered successful if it creates changes to ordinary people of all ethnic groups and ages. To achieve a sustainable ecosystem, our innovative platform must balance the market Future Vs market today. In this cryptocurrency era, there is a mileage to bridge in payments and settlement or conversion of crypto currency to fiat currencies. Our main goal is to create artificial intelligence-based machines, which will match buy / sell / exchange / pay / demand in seconds and counterbalance fiat settlement.

By building a smart machine, we can make cryptocurrency available to the general public and ensure that the equivalent fiat currency can be exchanged at any time, thereby creating a stable fiat-crypto shift.

As an organization, we want to maintain transparency, with our financial, business models, licenses, accreditations, revenue streams, and audit reports. Our "Omni Token Platform" will pave the way for crypto transformation with a transparent business model with justifiably justified costs.

ICO Structure

ICO Facts

Token Classification Utility Token
Soft Cap 1250 ETH
Hard Cap 71250 ETH
Token Protocol ETH / ERC20
Token Enrichment 0.10% of total Revenue will be used to buy back tokens and it will be destroyed on monthly basis.
Unsold Tokens Unsold Tokens will be burned.
Pre ICO End Date: 03rd Apr, 2018

ICO Roadmaps

Mar 5th Pre ICO Starts
Apr 3rd Pre ICO Ends
Target 3750 ETH
Value 1 OTP = 0.0000625 ETH
ETH 1 ETH = 16000 OTP
Bonus 20%
ICO Stage 1
Apr 4th ICO Stage 1 Starts
May 3rd ICO Stage 1 Ends
Target 37500 ETH
Value 1 OTP = 0.000125 ETH
ETH 1 ETH = 8000 OTP
Bonus 15%
ICO Stage 2
May 4th ICO Stage 2 Starts
Jun 2nd ICO Stage 2 Ends
Target 30000 ETH
Value 1 OTP = 0.000125 ETH
ETH 1 ETH = 8000 OTP
Bonus 10%

Fund Allocations

OTPPAY Distributed Payment Architecture

AI and ML Powered Request Matching Engine

OTPPAY Revenue Model

0.10% of total revenue will be used to buy back the tokens and it will be destroyed on the basis of OTP Tokens.

Our History

2010: Entered into Technology Space
2010 - 2013: Developed e-commerce, HRM, Competency Mapping, University Automation, Betting & Gambling Products.
2014: Established Rental Payments, Merchant Payments in INDIA under PAYZAK brand.
2017 Q1 - Q2: Expanded our Footprints to Malaysia for Rental & Merchant Payments under RENTPAY brand.
2016 Q2-Q4: Developed PCI-DSS Certified ePOS Payments Application.
2016 Q1 - Q2: Expanded our Product verticals to Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies.
2017 Q2 - Q3: Formed OTPPAY R & D to explore Blockchain, AI & ML powered Payment System.
2017 Q3 - Q4: Developing MVP for OTPPAY with features like Buy, Sell, Exchange & Merchant Payments (Crypto - Fiat).


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