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Friday, March 16, 2018

OPTITOKEN - Crypto The Revolutionary

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Optitokene is a hyper-deflation cryptococcus, supported by an auto tokenized portfolio that utilizes professional trading techniques and economic strategies for token value optimization such as strategic buy pressure and supply shortages. With this feature, Optitoken aims to optimize the utilization and application of cryptocurrencies and maximize the benefits of using them as a value transfer mechanism of your choice. Welcome to the revolutionary crypto!

How Does OptiToken Work?

You purchase OptiToken to “buy into” the trading algorithms. The value of each OptiToken comes from the value of the underlying fund.

Basically, the algorithm takes advantage of price swings among a select group of tokens in a basket. Algorithms will choose high growth coins, stable coins, undervalued coins, and coins with high upside potential long-term. Then, the algorithm will create profit from an ongoing series of trades, then deliver profits into OptiToken markets to provide constant upward price pressure.

Applying “constant upward price pressure” essentially means that OptiToken’s profits will be used to continuously repurchase tokens from the market. This means the value of OptiToken should continue rising – which is why it’s called a “hyper deflationary” currency.

Any OptiTokens purchased by the fund will be allocated for two purposes:

A small percentage will be devoted to the community supporting the infrastructure and further development of OptiToken
The larger remaining portion will be sent to an unspendable address to create strategic scarcity, preventing the tokens from re-entering the ecosystem as selling pressure. Any remaining OptiTokens held by the public gain value each time this cycle occurs.
Overall, 82% of profits will go towards rebuying the next targeted oversold coins in the basket to increase the fund. 16% will go towards buying OptiTokens from the market to create upward price pressure. 1% will go as payment to the community supporting the OptiToken infrastructure. And 1% will go to operating expenses.

OptiToken Features

OptiToken emphasizes all of the following features:

Diversity: OptiToken will hold a basket of “expertly curated and diversified” cryptocurrencies. You can own a proportional share of this basket by purchasing an OptiToken, which will be available for trading on major exchanges.
Algorithmic Trading: OptiToken won’t just hold and keep a basket of cryptocurrencies. The fund will be actively traded 24/7 using algorithms to generate higher returns.
24/7 Trading: Funds are traded around the clock.
Low Fees: OptiToken claims to offer low fees because of larger volume buy/sell orders, which means investors pay significantly lower fees than they would with a self-managed portfolio.

Buy Pressure: In every automatic buy cycle, a portion of profits created will be used to buy OptiToken from the open market, leading to upward price pressure.
Strategic Scarcity: A portion of tokens purchased back will be sent to an unspendable fund that will be verified transparently, creating strategic scarcity on the market. OptiToken claims to be the first project to use this strategy.
Transparency: OptiToken’s fund will be externally audited on an annual basis “and as needed” to verify integrity for token holders.
Who’s Behind OptiToken?
OptiToken is led by Sean Donato (CEO). Donato has been a professional trader since 2013, and he’s the founder of Bitcoin Trading Lab. Other key members of the team include John DeGiacomi (Business Manager and Asset Pricing) and Sebastian Richard (Senior Software Engineer).

The team launched the project in November 2017, with initial press releases launching in December 2017.

The beta is scheduled to launch in May 2018.

The OptiToken Token Sale

The OptiToken token sale, called an initial token offering or ITO, is scheduled for April 2018. The token sale will last for 90 days.

Further details about the token sale are not available at this time. However, OptiToken plans to begin promoting the token sale from March onward.

OptiToken Conclusion

OptiToken is a unique cryptocurrency project that functions like a basket of cryptocurrencies. You purchase OptiToken to get a representative share of that fund. The fund is actively traded with algorithms to maximize profits for investors.

For more information and joining Optitoken social media today please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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