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Monday, March 5, 2018

NOBLE NATION - Global Collaboration The People Who Work Together To Realize The Vision of the Noble Nation

Greetings Community,

What is the Noble Nation?

The Noble One is a practical vision of what our country and world can have, if we use the best wisdom, knowledge and human technology available to us today. Noble Nation Network (www.noblenation.net) is a global collaboration of people who work together to realize the Vision of the Noble Nation.

Why is it called Noble Nation?

The dictionary defines the noble word as "having or showing good personal qualities or high moral principles". A Noble Nation is an Individual association that is subject to wisdom, love and intelligence to reduce and rise above the hatred, greed and delusion that creates misery in our world.

The Noble Nation establishes a conducive environment and system for such peoples' societies to nurture and support one another, to prosper and forge ahead, materially, intellectually and spiritually in accordance with this noble principle.

Who is behind the nobility?

Currently (public launch - May 2017), much of what is being done is my own work, aided by a handful of supporters. Although I lead the organization for now, the Noble Nation Network is designed to have its own life, forming a global volunteer meritocracy led by the eternal principles of the Noble Nations.

As an organization, Noble Nation Network is a global movement with members working around the world and we coordinate and manage our teams online. We intend to establish national organizations in each country, as each country needs to formulate and apply practically the principles and framework of the Noble Nations from within, in accordance with local culture, norms and regulations. We need all good people who see the truth in our principles and the vision of the Noble Nations to join join, volunteer and contribute whatever they can to make it happen.


Historically, there have been various attempts to establish some principles of the Noble Nation, but it is this technology that enables practical practical application of these principles now.

National Information Framework
The Constitution of the State of Welfare and the Core Principles on which it is based, is practically realized through an Information System called the National Information Framework (NIF). NIF is a direct expression of the Core Principles, and provides the basis for operating in the Noble State by allowing and facilitating all processes and frameworks of governance, economy and noble society as a whole. In this role, NIF forms layers at all levels of national security and is a logical model & foundation for the nation's health and prosperity.


Our goal is for the majority of the nation to apply the principles and technologies of the Noble Nation. At what point our efforts will culminate in a world where peace, happiness and prosperity will be within the reach of everyone.

To get there, we have a lot of work ahead. Our goal now is to complete the constitutional and technical framework, and build a virtual Noble Global Nation that is open to everyone. This will be used to prove and refine the concept and principles of Noble Nation practically. This in turn will spread awareness of the practicality and usefulness of the Nation, and encourage its adoption.

Common milestones

June 2018
Formation of the Noble Nation Network Formal
Specification Goals and Purposes.
Constitutional Template v0.1
Chakra Protocol Specifications v0.1
First Noble Public Disclosure and Promotion
Begin to bring together powerful communities like like-minded people.

December 2018
Constitution Template v1.0
Chakra Protocol Specification v1.0
National Information Framework v0.1 (Alpha)
The Noble Social Network *
* The first phase of Global Network public trials was established based on Noble Nation technology and principles

June 2019
National Information Framework v0.9 (Beta)
Noble Nation Social Network is open to early adopters.
Development continues with additional frameworks and markets.

Some Resources For Reference:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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