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MYDFS - Blockchain Supported Daily Fantasy Sports

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Greetings Community,

Blockchain supported daily fantasy sports

Statistics and offers of fantasy sports, all running on smart contracts.
MyDFS is a daily fantasy sports platform powered by blockchain from uTrener and KHL Fantasy makers. MyDFS runs on mobile devices and connects sports fans worldwide in a transparent and easy-to-use way. We've simplified the user experience to make games fun for all types of players. You can use MyDFS token to play, win, and exchange it with other currencies or banknotes. In addition, we pioneered player brokers to allow regular users to share gifts with Pro.

How we use blockchain

MyDFS blockchain structure
MyDFS is based on a number of smart contracts that determine the most critical way
processes are performed, such as storage and retrieval of game statistics, player brokers, token transactions, and so on. They include: The main dispatcher contract
MyDFS Contracts token contract Contracts ICO Contract Contracts contract contract
Contract Broker From the following diagram, you can get an idea of ​​how the system operates:

Primary dispatcher contract
The main dispatcher acts as an intermediary for a number of commonly used operations by accepting requests from contracts and other systems and delivering them. The contract dispatcher allows you to:
Create games with certain parameters using data from the sports data provider Start, finish, and cancel the game (once done, the game is processed and the winner is counted).
Join the game (add players to the game and get entry fees, along with rakes)
Join the game using your sponsored balance (get an entry fee from your sponsor's balance and add players to the game)
Deposit or pull tokens, and earn balances
Basically, the dispatcher contract route orders it into modules that correspond to the system (or other smart contracts) and get data back from them.
The dispatcher contract stores the following data:
Service address, player balance, broker deal address and stats, and game token address.

Token Contract

Token contracts set user balances and keep a history of all token transactions.
Token contracts allow you to:
Transfer tokens to / from any wallet in the system
Get your wallet balance in the system
Agree on cross-balance transfers for brokers
The token contract generates and receives events associated with token transfers.
The token contract stores the following data:
Token name and token supply data.

Contract player stats

Contract player statistics store user statistical data, making it available to other parts of the system. The player stats contract lets you:
Approve and make changes to user statistics
Change existing statistics
Set and change the user broker fee (the fee the user takes to play using a broker token)
Get statistics about the number of games, percentage of wins and losers, tokens lost and won. We also accept currencies other than ETH, but in such cases, transactions are processed manually and still require buyers to have ETH wallets.
When this happens, we first change the amount we receive as another digital currency into ETH, and then deposits the required token amount into the buyer's ETH wallet.
The player statistics contract stores the following data:
Game address for all games played by players, user statistics (total win / lose, number of matches, etc.).

ICO contract

The ICO contract allows users to purchase tokens during the sales period: Pre-ICO and ICO.
The ICO contract allows you to:
Get the balance Ethereum saved by one of the buyers
Check that the soft cover and hard cover have been reached (and stop selling tokens after the hard cover)
Issue a bonus depending on the amount of purchase
Pull Ethereum after the sale is complete, if the soft or hard hat has been reached
Transfer tokens to buyers, including bonus tokens
We also accept currencies other than ETH, but in such cases, transactions are processed manually and still require buyers to have ETH wallets. When this happens, we first change the amount we receive as another cryptocurrency into
ETH, then deposit the required token amount to the buyer's ETH wallet.
The ICO contract stores the following data:
The address of the ICO receiver, the goal of soft and hard stamp, the number of ETH has gone up, the price of the tokens, and the total bonus available.

Game contract

Game contracts store and manage data from every game in the system, and determine game winners.
Game contracts allow you to:
Join the game created by players
Join a game created by players and sponsored by brokers
Start, finish, or cancel the game
Restore existing game status
Calculate player scores using game stats and sports data
Calculate the prize and its distribution
The player statistics contract stores the following data:
Game score rules, service fees, current game status, number of tokens in the game, scores for each athlete in the game, players list.

Brokerage contract

The brokerage contract lets users "hire" other pro users to play for them. Using open player statistics, you can choose players and give them a credit to use to enter any game. The entry fee is only taken from the brokering player when the player chooses to enter a game. If he or she wins, the broker receives a full winning amount, minus the fee that is set by the pro player.
The brokerage contract lets you:
Hire a pro player with a fixed fee at the time of the hire
Cancel the hire
Set a maximum available budget to be used by the player to join games
Transfer tokens from the broker's balance to the game the player has chosen to enter
The brokerage contract keeps the following data:
List of player-to-player contracts (user and broker addresses, agreed-upon fees).

Token sale

Token sale summary
The total supply of MyDFS tokens will be 125 mln.
TOKEN TYPE: Utility token
HARD CAP: $40,000,000
PRE-SALE: March 19, 2018 — April 02, 2018
ICO: April 9 2018 — May 7 2018

1 MyDFS token = $1
The price may be higher or lower depending on selling stage and amount purchased. Currencies accepted: ETH, BTC, NEO, Dash, Ripple, Ether Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin.

Sale phases and bonuses

We’ll divide all available tokens into 5 parts and sell them at different price based on the date and current cap of crowdsale.
This system includes economic motivation for buyers to invest as soon as possible
and then start advertising the sale to other people to maximize their revenues. The
rise in price for MyDFS tokens depends on two factors - certain dates and current
crowdsale cap.

The first factor is the date. During first days of PreICO MyDFS token price will be reduced to $0.70. The price will rise on the following dates: 

Summary of Token sales
The total supply will be 50 million tokens available for purchase during pre-sale and crowdsale, plus Token and Token Bounty Gear Tokens for Team, Adviser and Initial Contributors.


40% of all tokens (50,000,000)
Funds collected with Token Purchased will be used for business operations, product development, marketing and PR, and other road map achievements. Unsold token will be made non-transferable, and will be removed from usable supplies.


37% of all tokens (46,250,000)
This will be allocated in a timely manner to ensure the right incentives for users and affiliates, and should help the growth of the project. Tokens issued for growth pools will be used to incentivize a number of behaviors, including account verification, account deposits, completion of in-game missions, sharing of content on social networks, and so on.


10% of all tokens (12,500,000)
This will be allocated to members of the MyDFS core team.


10% of all tokens (12,500,000)
This will be allocated to the original contributor and the advisory board.


3% of all tokens (3,750,000)
This will be allocated to people who support MyDFS and complete bounty tasks. 

For More Information:

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