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MONSTERBIT - Analog Cryptogame Famous With Attractive Additions To Both Players

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Greetings Community,

MonsterBit - is a famous cryptogame analogue with interesting extras for both players. We do not reinvest the wheels. We take a successful project and make it stronger in a function point of view and more excited from a design standpoint.
For normal reproduction and unique DNA, we have added the maturity of heroes at the expense of feeding them. Also, there are many interesting features that we will reveal further.
Round 1: 1 000 000 MB
We accept ETH
1 extended round / 1 MB = 0.0004 ETH.

Monster Marketplace

Buy and sell monsters of different ages and generations.
All transactions in the system are made through Ethereum in the ETH currency.

Modul gambar

Only big monster can be breed. Little monsters need to be fed by hamburgers to be great.

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Food Market
Through the food the small monsters become big, and the big ones can enlarge the speed of recovery after reproduction. You can buy food at the store or get it through watching ads.

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Monsters Fights
Users can fight each other to get food, weapons, or monsters. Weapons will be sold in stores.

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Monsters Advertising
Your monsters can advertise the goods and you can earn real money for it.

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3 rounds IMAGE
Problem: 7.5 million tokens. 1.25 million earned by the team, 6 million tokens on sale. 250 thousand - Bounty.

What you get

Token MB allows you to buy SYSTEM monsters which generate the system
You can buy or sell the token at the inner market
We hope to enter the external market

SYSTEM monsters. They do not grow and do not breed.
They generate the entire system.
Initially, they can be bought only for tokens.
In the future you can sell them in the monster shop.

They generate commission on purchases and sales of monsters to the users. Monsters gain part of these commissions.

They generate Monsters GEN 0 and also sell it for ETH.

They generate all the food for monsters and sell it. I.e. the tokenholders will sell food for ETH to the users.

They generate blusters and its refill and sell them for ETH to the users.

Road Map

The dates mentioned are estimated. We will do everything to speed up the process of creating the game. We are going to strengthen the team after gaining finances.
until 10.04.2018
PreSale Round 1
⦁ Sale: 1 млн. ⦁ Price: 0.0004 ETH. ⦁
⦁ Prototype of the system architecture ⦁ Prototype design playground ⦁ Implementation of the contract SYSTEM monsters
11.04.2018 - 25.04.2018
PreSale Round 2
⦁ Sale: 2 млн. ⦁ Price: 0.5 $. ⦁
Beta version
⦁ Realization of MVP playground ⦁ Monster shop ⦁ Implementation of the contract storing DNA monster ⦁ Implementation of the algorithms generating monsters ⦁ Debug and stabilize the application
26.05.2018 - 10.06.2018
⦁ Sale: 3 млн. ⦁ Price: 1-2 $. ⦁
Finished game "The MonsterBit"

For More Information:

Forum username :Aray80

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