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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

LIBERTYLANCE - Eliminating Possible Central Authorities, Unpaid and Inappropriate Reviews on the Platform

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Greetings Community,

LibertyLance is a self-regulation and decentralized self-regulatory marketplace designed for freelancers and clients to transact in the fastest and most transparent way through smart contracts. This is a revolutionary freelance platform that uses the power of blockchain technology to solve many of the fundamental problems that exist in traditional markets. By using smart contracts, this platform eliminates the possibility of central authority, unpaid and unfeasible reviews on the platform.

LibertyLance will open its entire operations to its community by blocking Ethereal to provide a decentralized marketplace so that freelancers and clients will not experience unfair account suspensions or disputes as the entire infrastructure is designed to be automated and not trustworthy to the maximum extent possible.

Smart contract
To eliminate intermediary services, smart contracts will be applied that will act as an escrow medium with predetermined conditions and regulations to facilitate seamless transactions between clients and freelancers.

Dispute resolution
Conflict resolution on LibertyLance is done using smart contracts to ensure that no one gets a payment problem or an inappropriate review. If one party is dissatisfied, the panel of independent token holders will decide on the matter while being rewarded for their participation.

How it works

Problems with Traditional Markets

Unlike other platforms that reduce up to 30% of freelancers are struggling to meet some related costs. In fact, on LibertyLance both clients and freelancers pay only 2% each!

Traditional platforms have centralized authority that places power in the hands of some people with little clarity as to how decisions are made.

Withdrawal of payments across multiple platforms may take up to 2 weeks. At LibertyLance once the client is satisfied with his work, the funds will be instantly transferred through a smart contract to a freelancer.

freelancing must burn extra fuel to meet deadlines or else they get unfavorable reviews after all the hard work they do and ultimately a bad impact on their earnings and rankings.

Use Token

Token Holder Jury
In scenarios where disputes arise, voting decision systems have been prepared to meet this need. This is an automatic dispute resolution process used to resolve disputes between clients and freelancers with a transparent and decentralized approach.

To participate in this dispute, those with our LTN tokens may vote in the disputed case because there will be no third party involvement. The consensus reached by the token holder will allow the smart contract to automatically release funds to the winner and the token holder will get the transaction fees and evidence of the wrong people in the dispute resolution process.

Market access
Each user can register on our platforms at no cost but access to features and functionality will be restricted to freelancers as they must have a minimum number of LTN tokens in their account wallets to unlock platform features. This is done to remove bad offenders from the market and to ensure long-term growth and stability of the platform. Some features include:

Able to accept client orders
Detailed dashboard statistics like earnings reports, portfolio management, last show details etc.
Exclusive seller badges at different levels to improve profile visibility
Ability to post a gig or special milestone offer to the client
Ability to post multiple shows from the same account.

Token Summary

Token Distribution

Funding Rounds

Round 1

Private Sale
Tokens: 2.0 million
Rate: 1 ETH = 10,000 LTN
Cap: 200 ETH
Bonus: 35%
Lockup Period: 3 Months

Round 2

Tokens: 2.5 million
Rate: 1 ETH = 6,250 LTN
Cap: 400 ETH
Bonus: 20%
Token price is subjective to ETH rate

Round 3

Main Token Sale
Tokens: 27.5 million
Rate: 1 ETH = 5,000 LTN
Cap: 5,500 ETH
Bonus: 5% - 15%
Token price is subjective to ETH rate

LibertyLance Roadmap

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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