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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

LIBERDY - Creating a New Digital Advertising Economy

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Greetings Community,

Liberdy’s Vision

Liberdy has created a new, fair digital advertising economy by developing a robust data trading platform that rewards users for the use of their personal information.

What We Do?

Liberdy has developed a decentralized advertising Data Management Platform (DMP) powered by blockchain technology that rewards users for the use advertisers
make of their data. The online advertising industry is facing two main challenges:
• Data is not treated as commodity and therefore users are not considered as part of the ecosystem
• Advertisers suffer from the lack of accurate data in an ecosystem that is not transparent Liberdy leverages the advantages of blockchain technology and GDPR regulation to empower users to manage their data rights and profit from the use of their personal information. 
The purchase and exchange of data happens in the background every time we go online, but the users who drive the data get very little in return and this is where Liberdy comes in. 

By reclaiming their data, users become equal partners in the online advertising ecosystem for the very first time, receiving fair payment for a commodity they own.
The data extracted to the DMP is information that users already share with companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon. Powered by the blockchain, we ensure user data is of the highest quality, accurate, verified and time-stamped. All transactions being recorded on the blockchain are transparent to all the different players. Our consent- based DMP gives advertisers access to unique and reliable data, which up to now could not be obtained outside the walled gardens of Facebook
and Google. It also creates a transparent economy which sees users, the true data owners, as a partner in building the future of permission-based advertising.

Liberdy's Ecosystem

• Get rewarded for the data you already share
with Google, Facebook and Amazon
• Keep control of the collected information
• Access an advanced rebate platform

• Easily integrate with the DSP of your choice
• Tap into a rich international data warehouse
• Access top-notch consent based data
• Benefit from data verified on the blockchain

• Generate a new revenue stream
• Enhance your users data
• Make the most of the GDPR regulation

Market Opportunity

In 2017, the size of the global digital ad spending market is expected to have reached 228 billion dollars, representing 19% growth over last year. In 2018, we anticipate a 16.5% growth to 266 billion dollars.
The last 2 years have seen an incredible boom in data generation, with the creation of 90% of all available data, and this market is expected to grow 27% per year.
Data is key to the success of any marketing operation. As a result, the digital advertising market is controlled by a limited number of companies. Experts show that virtually all of the growth in digital ad spending went to Google and Facebook, which already account for more than three-quarters of the market.
Our data is Facebook and Google’s biggest asset. 
This data is what forces other media companies (basically Google and Facebook’s competitors) to work with them as it is almost impossible to get the same results online without these powerful insights, without our data. 

Product Flow

Liberdy has developed a decentralized Data Management Platform on the blockchain that segments, manages, protects and verifies data. Our solution seamlessly fits into the existing digital advertising ecosystem, addressing its needs for reliable data by ensuring transparency and accuracy.
• Liberdy APP - an application that manages all user's interaction with Liberdy Data Platform. This application is responsible for extracting, verifying and uploading the user's personal data. The app also acts as a wallet that manages tokens, balance and rewards.
• Liberdy Data Platform - is responsible for the interactions with the users and management of data import process. The data is segmented , taxonomy is created , and stored in the DMP . Advertisers buy segments from the DMP.
• Demand - segmented data is sold to the relevant entities in the Adtech industry.

The LIB Utility Token Flow

The currency of the Liberdy ecosystem will be the LIB token. There will be a fixed (non-inflating) supply of 1,000m LIBs for these purposes. Our users earn 85% of the tokens received from advertisers that buy their segmented data.

• TGE soft cap - $5,000,000
• TGE hard cap - $30,000,000

ICO Tokens Allocation


Advisory Board

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username :Aray80

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