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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

KROW - The Global Work Platform Who Wants to Redesign the Job Market

Foto Krow Network.

Greetings Community,

New Way to Work

Krow Network aims to redesign the workings of the current job market. By saving all the interactions taking place on our platforms to their own unique ledger, we are looking to create complete transparency between employers and employees, so that each party can see their rankings and any previous interactions they've ever made. There will no longer be a missing piece of individual or corporate resumes, and all the interactions (including the bad ones) will all be saved to the intelligent resume of the individual / company and the value left by the other party allowing complete transparency between the company and the potential employee. After registering on our platform, each individual or company receives their own unique smart resume as well as the Krow security number that binds the individual only to that account, and prevents cheating as the number will be used for all verification on the site. By using double verification, we may only allow 1 smart resume to any individual and up to 5 for each individual who started the company on the platform. This prevents spam accounts from finding themselves in the platform, as it will make them themselves staining.

Platform Overview

The work platform will feature three key subsections, where individuals and companies can participate in online jobs, internships, and full-time jobs. In an online job, companies from every world will be able to register any pure online task that needs to be done within a certain period of time. As soon as an online job is listed, various individuals will be able to send their smart resume directly to these companies at the same time as they want (negotiations clearly available). Internships are tasks completed by inexperienced individuals, in which individuals complete tasks for free / cheap. To gain experience with new platforms and industries, individuals will be able to work in their respective fields to build their smart resumes. Internships are accepted for students and individuals who may wish to change the field in which they work. A full time job would be for a job that provides salary at intervals of time (weekly, biweekly, etc.) for work under a defined company. The full-time section is for any job, as long as both parties have accounts on the platform, allowing any labor interaction to be recorded. Not once.

Krow Paycheck

The interaction krow will be entered purely from the salary (both parties will receive a paycheck, but only the value of the employee that will contain the value) in which each interaction will also rank on a scale of 0.00 - 10.00. This rating will be reflected on the user's intelligent resume, with identity. Paychecks will be sent only after one of the online tasks is completed, or when the paycheck is automatic. In terms of internship profile, pay slips still exist. Both parties receive the salary, only after both parties verify their satisfaction through double verification. In double verification, both parties will leave the rankings based on the particular skill advertised or the expectations. This rating along with the grand rating will go into a smart resume.

Smart Resume

When signing up for the platform, each individual will be given their own unique Krow security number as well as their own intelligent resume. This resume will track all incoming and outgoing pay based on individual interactions with the company. Each individual will be able to create their own company, but to prevent spam making the company's resume will be limited. Once users are on the platform, they can send their smart resume to the company as an app for a job. Companies will be able to sort through the various intelligent resumes and find the right match for their work. After the task is completed or the time interval is completed, the paycheck will be processed through double verification. After both individuals verify their satisfaction with the interaction and leave their judgment on the opposing side '


The next stage of our token sales is live April 2nd! Over the next few months we will offer a total of 7,000,000,000 KRW tokens to fund our project. Along with these sales, we offer up to 33% bonus to our vanguard investors in our Pre-ICO phase, and this bonus will adjust according to the ICO phase. Sales will start with 100% bonus token offer up to 100 ETH, 30% token bonus will occur until 3000 ETH is fulfilled (Soft Cap), 25% bonus on token will take over to 7,000 ETH fulfilled, and finally 10% to 10,000 ETH fulfilled (Hard Cap). If our soft cover is met, our token sales will be considered successful and we will have sufficient funds for our project.

Is this?

Please understand that this is a crowdfund effort. We created ICO to fund our platform creation. Our platform aims to redesign the labor market through intelligent resumes that store individual interactions on their own ledger. For more information please see our source. With that word, please understand that this is a very volatile technology and please understand our project. Currently, there is a minimum of 0.1 ETH to get KRW. With the current bonus, the rate is;
1 ETH = 800,000 KRW
Next Phase Level: 33% Off (April 2, 2018)


For More Information:

The bitcointalk name : Aray80

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