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We are building an international ecosystem for the development and production of AI & robotics. It consists of a Mega Factory in Georgia, an R & D laboratory, an Education Campus and an Online platform that will bring together developers, investors and customers from around the world. Contribute to the Creation of the Future!


The 21st century will forever be remembered as a century that usher in two of the most disturbing technologies in human history; internet and blockchain. This technological breakthrough phenomenon continues to revolutionize all areas of human endeavor. However, Robotics - one branch of annoying technology is still on the way to intervene in the whole process of innovation. From "robo" assistants to house keepers, drones and even human-like robots (Sophia, the first robot granted citizenship, Saudi Arabia, 2017) is increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. So does their function. Robotics is set to become the next revolution, but the market remains very unobtrusive.

Currently valued at over $ 80 billion with projections of triple size, the 'robotics' market is thriving with technological developments while simultaneously increasing consumption, increasing competition and consequently lowering production costs. Like the internet, robots will not only unleash the human potential and fight for new innovations, but also open the horizon for new investment opportunities - the same horizon with the Kepler Project goal to dominate. Project Kepler is a network of technologies supported by blockchain. The network aims to create a global market platform to invest in robots through a transparent and decentralized portal controlled and managed by investors. Kepler will use analytics, data

science, and prediction algorithms to provide investors with unique investment opportunities through tokenized assets. The network will ensure the token's liquidity by supporting it with tangible assets such as land, construction sites, high-tech labs equipment, products, technical knowledge, University that will serve talented students from all over the world and campus. With analysts projecting the total market size in the short term and the long-term prospects to several tenfold, Kepler offers token holders not only tokenized assets, but shares in the company that will lead the cutting-edge development of high-tech and Artificial Intelligence products in the world through blockchain. The Kepler project has been designed
in a way that enables us to create and shape the future of all humanity with you, with your direct participation and under your management.

General description

We live in an era that is increasingly influenced by technological advances. Their role and importance in our daily lives becomes increasingly meaningful and in many cases, inseparable. And has increased the influence of companies that control the largest market share. Therefore, overall community participation is limited, placing them in the role of the customer alone, while profits and wealth are shared among firms alone.

The ultimate goal of Project Kepler management, in addition to the valuable production of Robotics, is the creation of a decentralized wealth distribution system through technological breakthroughs that will shape the future of humanity, robotics. Imagine if the internet creators have decided to share the mechanism of wealth creation with the world instead of leaving it in the hands of a corporate organization that concentrates only on accumulating personal wealth. Imagine if the internet has been like blockchain, decentralized and distributed, users will benefit from their own data.

Foreseeing such possibility based on current trends, the management team behind Project Kepler created a fair market economy that will distribute the benefits to users. Kepler is based on the highest level of transparency, accountability, and corporate responsibility. The management team will regularly provide, at least, a detailed biennial report on status

The Kepler Project solves one of the major challenges that humanity - the technological revolution. Supported by a technical voice team composed of world-leading scientific thinking, Kepler will produce ultramodern technology, facilitate easy access to them, and create platforms for the development of scientific and technical breakthroughs for the future.

We understand that is one thing to generate revolutionary ideas and the other - its implementation. This is why we have involved the expertise of leading managers, information technologists, Robo technologists, accountants, lawyers, and blockchain specialists.

Geographical location

Uniquely situated at the crossroads where Europe meets Asia, Georgia is the bridge connecting the skilled manpower of the "East" with the technical prosperity of "the West". Georgia is located on the oldest trade route - on the main line of Silk Road. It is the shortest bridge connecting Europe with Asia. Essential sea ports in Georgia increase the significance of this route and make it a transportation hub for the Eurasian region. This unique geographic placement and membership with the World Trade Organization have made Georgia the most profitable trading country with bilateral and multilateral relations with all WTO member states. Georgia also benefited from the general tariff reduction system on products from Switzerland, Norway, Canada and Japan.

Georgia has also developed aggressive energy reforms that allow the export of hydropower to neighboring countries. This is why the Kepler Project aims to place a sophisticated production plant in the heart of the Caucasus region.

The larger Caucasus mountains to the north are within the Russian Federation, while the small Caucasus mountains in the south are divided between several independent states, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Transcaucasus extends eastward into the Caspian sea and northwest of Iran, and extends westward to northeastern Turkey.

Our choice to build a Mega plant in Georgia is driven by the country's great geographic location, political stability, a friendly business environment, technical and energy abundance, and a truly democratic government.

Georgia's geographical placement is one of the most important and decisive factors in terms of international trade. This incomparable attribute will facilitate convenient transportation of Robo technology across three different continents from a central location.

Georgia is also characterized by a diverse and highly professional workforce, based on technical knowledge and technology. Georgia professionals and scientists at different times succeeded in working in major US and Soviet laboratories.

Project Development

1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger system that is distributed over a network of hundreds of thousands of computers that allows users to record information that can not be changed or deleted. Information on blockchain is cryptographically guaranteed and protected against third party interference. Blockchain technology can not be damaging because data is distributed through decentralized computer networks that reach the world. With service disintermediation, blockchain has revolutionized all known financial conventions and pioneered new ways of fundraising through the tokenisasi of goods, products, and services.

2. Token

One of the most promising uses of Blockchain technology is the creation of digital assets that represent a value known as a token. These values ​​may be monetary, identity, or representations of real-world assets such as company stock, raw materials, real estate, etc.

The Ethereum platform allows users to create and use tokens backed by smart contracts. A smart contract is a computer program that carries out legally binding contracts based on specified requirements. This contract also acts as an escrow system for secure storage and expenditure of funds or other digital value without the need for a third party. The Smart Contract token guarantees against fraud and fraud due to the fact that the contract is only executed when the specified requirements have been met and this requirement can be seen and ratified by the other party before it is implemented

3. Decentralized Crowdfunding

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign takes over the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) industry because of its unlimited and decentralized nature that allows anyone from anywhere in the world to invest in startup.

Supported by blockchain tamper-proof technology, Kepler will start a public crowdsale event to raise needed funding and simultaneously open robotics development to the global community.

Unlike other offers, Kepler will allow token holders to own the company's electronics stock and is entitled to dividends, the first of its kind in the robotics industry. 80% of the company's shares will be available for public distribution during token sales. This makes Project K the most decentralized, most equal and truly ours - the people's project.


The PEM Token is the default currency for all settlements on the ecosystem. The ERC20 compatible token can be used to fund ideas on the Kepler Universe Platform, buy robots, licenses, subscription services for AIs, and products in all other partnership ventures like our Robotic Hotel and Restaurant network, which will charge all services for KEP. KEP will also enable token holders to invest in robotics through its incubator platform and accelerator program, which will trigger new technological developments and garner huge revenues, both for token investors and project investors. Kepler Technologies will be governed by a decentralized system, where the owner of KEP will be the one who decides which products, robots or services will be distributed only by investing or not investing in certain projects. KEP can be used to fund a specific LAB Project presented by one of the third-party R & D, Kepler staff or for the first time in any industry, the investor itself. Yes, investors who have the required amount of PEM for their project implementation can start production. 80% of realized revenues from all projects and economic activities will be redistributed to PEM investors who invest in a particular project.

In Community building, the number of tokens that are distributed will consist of 1 500 000 PEM and the bonus will be 40%
At the Presale stage the token distribution will consist of 5 000 000 PEM and the bonus will be 30%
The number of tokens that are distributed will consist of 11,500,000 KEP and the bonus will be 15%
The number of tokens distributed will consist of 16 500 000 PEM and the bonus will be 10%
The number of tokens that are distributed will consist of 21 000 000 PEM and the bonus will be 5%
The number of tokens distributed will consist of 201 500 000 KEP.

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