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KARMATOKEN - Liaison between Crypto-Currency Users And People Who Want BETTER Our Real World

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Greetings Community, In this new post I will introduce about the Karmatoken project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


Karmatoken, created in 2016 is the logical evolution of one of the first crypto currencies by 2014: KarmaCoin. After many projects in 2014, some team members decided to use Karmacoin (X11) to utilize the new blockchain technology. Karmatoken was born, first as a Counterparty asset, then swapped in 2016 as the ERC20 token, using the last advantage of the Ethereum network.


Karmatoken imagined to be used in our actual economy. It does not pretend to provide any kind of blockchain futurist or super anonymous. Karmatoken is the link between crypto-currency users and people who want to BETTER our real world.

We act as a token of appreciation for businesses and organizations that claim GOOD actions for our current and future environments.

Furthermore, Karmatoken will fuel for major projects in 2018 and 2019: KarmaNetwork, research and medical marijuana enhancement (CBD), world tour with Karmatruck expedition to connect people from all over the world to our dedicated video platform HD 24/7 streaming and more.


Karmatoken uses the latest innovation of the Ethereum-based token, the standard ERC20 protocol.

Similar to how the HTTP protocol defines the Internet, ERC20 is a protocol that defines the set of commands that the token should apply. ERC20 is not a technology, software, or piece of code. This is a technical specification.

The ERC20 protocol standard contains basic but secure functions that must be applied a useful token to enable trading. This includes transferring tokens, asking for token balances at specific addresses, and token supply totals.


  • If you have some Karmatoken, that is a GOOD reason!
  • The more human beings evolve, the stronger the impact on other living beings and in our immediate environment.
  • Crypto-currency brings some new economic rights to everyone. This is a real revolution and you can be a part of it.
  • Welcome to the intelligent and responsible community of crypto-currency: KARMA GOOD PEOPLE

  • Karmatoken is about receiving and giving. The more you give and do, the BETTER things will happen in your LIFE.
  • You may have purchased an environmentally friendly product, you may have received some for GOOD actions, or earned some as gifts for your business or organization.
  • Karmatoken is not just about currency and money, it's also a real way to express GOOD actions.
  • Do not forget to secure your token in the wallet, for security advice, click on this page.

  • Send or receive some Karmatoken fast, very fast! Using Ethereum blockchain, transactions are faster and cheaper than Bitcoin.
  • You can send Karmatoken to other people, the market, exchange or secure it in Ledger or your own wallet (My Ether Wallet and others).
  • Soon, Karmatoken will be the fuel for our next KarmaNetwork, our new GOOD economy!

Pre-sale is open until 22 March

Pre-sale is open, starting today 8 am (French time zone) till 22 March 2018 8 am (French time zone). You can buy your Karmatoken with ETH, BTC, LIFE and XMR!

You can check your primary account with a token that is not shared here:

The pre-sale and public sale wallets are as follows:

19 910 248 KTN is available in 300 satoshi until the end of pre-sale.
79 640 995 KTN (more remaining unsold token from pre-sale) is available in 500 satoshi during public sale, from 15 April to 15 May 2018.

Get your Karmatoken with pre-sale:
  1. Please send us an email at contact@karmatoken.net with the desired
    amount you can afford.
  2. The team will answer to you in the next 6 hours with a proforma invoice and to give you the dedicated address where you have to send your coins (you can choose and send ETH, BTC, LIFE, XMR).
  3. On pre-sale, one Karmatoken costs 300 satoshi (0.00000300 ฿ or USD $0.028 on March 10th 2018).
  4. Please send the amount you want buy, the currency you want to use and we will send you a signed proforma invoice with the price accorded on Coinmarket Cap live price.
  5. We will choose the desired market (BTC/ETH, BTC/XMR, BTC/LIFE) and we will choose the last price shown by Coinmarket Cap).
  6. Don’t forget to write in your email your Ethereum public address to receive your Karmatoken (ERC20).
  7. Don’t forget to write in your email the address that you will use to send us some currencies, without that, we won’t be able to identify your payment among other same ones.
Once we receive your currency in one of our provided addresses, we will send you
within the next 24 hours of email and number of Karmatoken desired at the address
You give it.

If you do not see Karmatoken in your MyEtherWallet account, add a custom token:
Contract Address: 0xdC0c22285B61405aaE01Cba2530B6Dd5cD328da7
Token Symbol: KTN
Decimal: 6
If you have any questions, join our Telegram channel!



For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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