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Thursday, March 15, 2018

INVOX - Decentralized Invoice Funding Solution For The Connected World

Foto Invox Finance.

Hello Everyone,

Decentralized invoice financing solution for the connected world.

Our Powerful All-In-One Solutions
Reinvention begins now.
We usher in a new invoicing finance era by building a decentralized p2p platform where sellers, buyers and investors connect.

No obstacles
Trust and transparency between all parties is facilitated through the permissible access, verification and reward system in it.

Lower price for seller
Sellers will be able to obtain financing at lower interest rates than those normally received from traditional growers.

Diversity for Investors
Investors will be given access to investment products that are generally only available to banks and finance companies.

Dynamic Invoice
Dynamic invoices allow all parties to update invoice information in real time, ensure conservation and manage access to sensitive information.

Connect Seller to Investor
Sellers will have direct access to individual investors. This newly distributed peer-to-peer loan environment will benefit both sellers and investors.

Loan Fractionalization
Invoice loans will be fragmented, allowing investors to purchase loans from larger pools, increasing diversification and reducing their overall risk profile.

Who will use Invox Finance Platform?
Sellers that have invoices they want to sell to accelerate their cash flow

Investors seek higher returns and diversify their investment portfolios

Buyers who will receive an invoice payment period are renewed and rewarded for verifying the invoice.

Invox Token
Your key to the platform
Tokens with real-world use cases made on the Ethereal network.

Use case

Access Join a platform as a seller using Invox Tokens to pay your membership to the Trusted Members Program.

Rewards Get prizes in Invox Tokens each time you verify or pay for an invoice.

Token Type: Token utility
Token Ticker: INVOX
Emission Level: No new coins can be created
Network Token: Ethereum (ERC20)
Distribution: Token will be distributed 14 days after the token sale expires.
Token Value: 1 INVOX = 0,0001 ETH

Initial Coin Offering Become an early adopter.
Take part in the ICO to pre-buy your membership to the platform.

Pre-sale Max Cap: 2,941 ETH ~ $ 2.5m USD
Pre-Sale Minimum Buy: ETH 1.0
Max Cap: 20,000 ETH ~ $ 17m USD
Main Sale Minimum Buy: ETH 0.1

Sale Structure

Roadmap Track every giant leap

Meet the Invox Finance Team
The experts bring you invoice lending on the blockchain.

Our Advisors
Super experienced. Always one step ahead.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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