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INTRO - Business Intelligence Services

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Hello All,

Business Intelligence Services for the participants of the housing construction market
INTRO is an online service system for residential construction market players - developers, investors, real estate agents and home buyers.

INTRO gives you new opportunities

Buy objects directly from the builder at auction. Up to 30% off.
Access to official report on construction and off-plan investment recorded on blockchain.
Invest in a reliable developer property through smart contracts. There is no minimum intermediary and commission.
Join an investor club and earn bonuses on partner networks.

Real estate purchase is still one of the main strategies for long-term investment. Yet the property market volatility causes high risks for those who invest in under construction properties.

In many countries, homebuyers have no alternatives but buying off-plan. Off-plan properties are more affordable than ready-made and second-hand properties in the developed countries. The housing shortage in some places, such as Dubai or India, drives homebuyers into the off-plan construction market.

Now global investors and homebuyers continue to take risks of off-plan development which may end up with incomplete houses and lost money. This situation is common in Russia and the BRICS countries where the INTRO system development was initiated.

How modern technologies can secure off-plan property investment?

Our benefits

All market data on one platform.

Closed auctions allow for buying properties with up to 30% discounts.

Property investment is now easily available to all investors across the globe.

INTRO Analytica is already used by more than 20 major developers as well as investors, banks and leading business media.

Low fees
Smart contracts remove administrative and operational costs for real estate transactions

Property data from state registers and developers ratings are stored in the blockchain.


Token Sale

INTRO Tokens grand an exclusive access to the ecosystem. Do not miss your opportunity to participate in ICO.
Funds AllocationAll funds raised during the token sale are aimed to implementing the certain development stages according to the roadmap. A pie chart shows the allocation of future expenses.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name : Aray80

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