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IMMVRSE - Using a standard Ethereum-Based ERC20 Token To Create Their Own Ecosystem System

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ImmVRse is a decentralised website, iOS and android application which utilises a standard Ethereum based ERC20 token to create its own eco-system. Therefore it is neither considered nor classified as a crypto-asset. Although tokens are designed to be traded in multiple exchanges across the globe, this does not necessarily provide a guarantee or an immediate increase of price. The sale of the tokens constitutes the distribution of a fully legal web and mobile application under the laws of the United Kingdom. ImmVRse will be treated and utilised as a DAPP TOKEN and will respectively be integrated as a form of payment. This whitepaper should be used for general understanding of the concept and does not constitute nor intend to provide any form of professional investment advice to the contributors either new or experienced in the world of cryptocurrency. Anyone willing to participate in ImmVRse ICO will therefore independently be required to understand the risks and implications. Details of terms are set aside by the company’s appointed law firm, regulated by the Solicitor Regulation Authority in the UK. For ease of understanding for potential users and ICO participators, this whitepaper is available in multiple languages.

ImmVRse will be the first decentralized and distributed digital video platform that will allow content creators, brands and advertisers around the world to collaborate and produce the best of what Virtual Reality has to offer. The platform will employ its own unique digital currency aptly known as ImmVRse token, which will be form of payment between all parties within the ecosystem. Using cryptographic signatures, the application will be able to mirror file locations and record transactions across multiple nodes to ensure data and transactional records within the blockchain cannot be altered retroactively. ImmVRse will focus primarily on VR/AR/Mixed reality and is easily scalable to embrace other forms of media production such as, 3D animation. Currently, there is no other platform providing the ability to showcase VR content and allowing direct employment as a result.


We strongly believe that Virtual Reality will play a significant part in our lives during the next decade. This will come in many different forms and affect a wide range of business segments. Already, we are seeing huge transformations in the medical, gaming, manufacturing and educational sectors where substantial investments have been made in both hardware and software. The demand for specific and quality content unlocks opportunities for creative, collaborative and contribution of VR production, thus gradually revolutionising the virtual reality industry as a whole. We are confident that blockchain will provide the chance to create a more secure and transparent platform for a new generation of VR content creators, permitting them to showcase their work to a global reach of businesses, from start-ups all the way up to big corporations. Smart contracts in conjunction with cryptocurrency will inevitably improve upon the current payment methods by adding the missing layer of trust and drive real values for all members of the Eco-system. Our long-term vision is to become one of the largest decentralised creative platforms; a self-sustaining and autonomous network that utilises a personalised cryptocurrency as a tradable commodity.


Virtual Reality (VR) is a generic term for all immersive experiences created using real-world content, purely artificial content, or a combination of both. In this, there are 4 core types:
- 360 ° video
- Computer Generated VR (CGVR)
- Augmented Reality (AR)
- Mixed Reality (AR)

360 ° VIDEO
360 degree video is a video recording where views in each direction are recorded at the same time. Real-world content is filmed using an omni-directional camera or a collection of cameras, to allow viewing from every angle.

Computer Generated Virtual Reality (CGVR) is essentially a synthetic version of a 360 degree video. Immersive content is created using images that the computer displays.

Augmented reality (AR) is a content overlay in the real world, but the content is not anchored to or part of it. Real-world content and CG content can not respond to each other.

Mixed reality (MR) is a stretch of synthetic content in the real world that anchors and interacts with the real world. The main characteristic of MR is that synthetic content and real-world content can react with each other in real time.


ImmVRse offers a revolutionary platform for brands that want to expand into a new and exciting VR world, enabling them to hire creators in a fast, easy, and convenient way.
Advertisers will buy IMV to pay for advertising. A portion of the profits will be distributed to content producers and public audiences.
Users will receive IMV as a form of payment to watch videos.
Viewers can store their tokens in the ImmVRse ™ wallet or sell them in exchange.
Brands will be able to search through decentralized search engines and recruit / recruit content producers through ImmVRse.
Companies will be able to pay for jobs using IMV and Ethereum.
Currency traders, hedge funds and financial services will be able to trade ImmVRse tokens (IMVs) through various exchanges.


Blockchain is at the forefront of a new digital revolution that has captured the financial world by storm; decentralized networks and digital books for transactions, which can be programmed to store any kind of valuable data and do not have a single point of failure. This new application is supported by a web infrastructure built on the foundation of a blockchain called Ethereum. This is a platform that allows smart contracts to be distributed and decentralized apps developed to run without central arbitrator influence, downtime, fraud or external distractions.

By providing blockchain payment integration, ImmVRse will enable anyone in the world to create a wallet in seconds where they can receive payments directly. All this without any financial controllers or third-party intermediaries. ImmVRse redefines banks with VRs that have no bank and convergent accounts, thus bringing the best of both worlds together.

Custom VR content platforms are generally restricted to have content approved before publication. ImmVRse aims to be a platform free of all kinds of restrictions, because creators can publish whatever content they want, whenever they want, in whatever form they choose.

However, content moderation will occur with high voice and downvote users. Only videos and community-flagged content will be verified further by a central moderator.


ImmVRse not only acts as a marketplace for VR creators, it will also reward its creators and users to interact with the app. The system has implemented a badge based tier system based on intelligent contract functionality. This system takes the advertiser's payment percentage, locks it in escrow until the user reaches a certain number of rewards. Once done, they will be paid in the form of IMV.


ImmVRse will distribute 33.33% (100 million IMVs) of the total circulation during the ICO. 52.70% of the tokens will be retained as a form of capital reserve. From the entire pool of 300 million IMVs, the tokens will be distributed in the following way:


Raised funds from ICO will be allocated in the following ways:


Q4 2017 Phase 1
Under development: ImmVRse DApp MVP is currently under development. The development of the ImmVRse Protocol is also running and is projected to be completed
by Q4 2018. Meanwhile, ImmVRse plans to use to record the ledger
and monitor the health of our blockchain platform.
Launch of a Marketing Campaign: Our marketing campaign for token launch will launch in the first week of 2018. We will contact potential contributors through multiple promotional channels along with Google AdWords. Part of our marketing campaign is to sign up users for an alpha version of our app.

Q1 2018 Q2 2018
Pre ICO: Private pre-ICO will be conducted in April 2018 with contributors willing to contribute more than 1 Ether. Pre-ICO allocation will be 10% token to be distributed.
ICO Launch: ICO launch date not yet announced. ImmVRse plans to release 100,000,000 IMV shortly after sales with hard stamp of US $ 20 million.
Token Release: ImmVRse token will be released in one or more exchanges after successfully completing ICO. Some exchanges can be confirmed before ICO, however, the official date from which token will be transferable, will be announced after ICO

Q3 2018
Team Expansion: 3 months after the launch of ICO, ImmVRse will recruit the full DevOps team to begin development operations for the full version of the app, to prepare for the official launch of the alpha version.
Marketing Campaigns: An important part of the plan is PR and marketing that are positive because the success of the app will depend heavily on user adoption and retention. On this basis, we decided to allocate certain funds for marketing campaigns.

Q4 2018 Phase 2
Office Extension in UE & Asia: Team segments will join dynamic communities with local offices in Asia and EU to manage DevOps. ImmVRse Alpha Launch: ImmVRse aims to launch an alpha version of the app in Q4 2018.

Q1 2019 Stage 3
ImmVRse Ecosystem Configuration: After establishment of the ImmVRse Protocol, ImmVRse token will be used in the application ecosystem. Brands and advertisers will be able to purchase the ImmVRse token to recruit creators. Advanced Research and Development: ImmVRse will partner with universities across the country to enable student participation in blockchain technology. Part of this process is to recruit PhD students and special researchers to improve VR / MR / AR technology based on the blockchain platform.
ImmVRse DevCon Token:
ImmVRse will organize global hackathons to gather talented blockchain developers around the world.

Q2 2019
ImmVRse Full Version Launch: The full version of this app will launch in mid 2019 after extensive testing in beta. ImmVRse aims to remain
to this target date and predict that this will be the optimal time to launch
apps, as these will be tokencide with the years that Facebook, Intel and Apple will
will also launch their own commercial VR headset. Once this happens, mass
adoption will take place, creating a very high demand for VR content.

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