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IAGON - Creating a Global Supercomputer, Supported By Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology

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Hello Everyone, In this new post I will introduce about Iagon project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


Our vision is to create a Global Supercomputer, powered by Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology.
This is achieved with integration across all smart devices, thus creating a seamless experience that effectively and efficiently serves the needs of its users.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence to connect users to decentralized services and apps.
Easy to use features and functions synced across all smart devices.
Whether you are a single user or a large company ... We have kept you covered.

How it works

Decentralized and Safe Cloud Platform
Develop a one stop solution for a decentralized cloud-based service.

Artificial intelligence
We use a combination of machine learning algorithms, neural networks and blockchain technology to secure our platform

Integrated DApps
Our trusted and integrated decentralization app lies on one platform for each type of user

Earn revenue by sharing your computer resources including processing and storage power

Smart Contract
Anyone can create their own smart contract on a user-friendly interface without writing any code lines

Decentralized Safe Storage
Our unique, exclusive, secure, and encrypted distributed storage solutions use blockchain and sharding protocols

Utilizing the Blockchain and Tangle technology hybrids, we aim to revolutionize the storage and processing of decentralization.

Iagon Crowdfunding Efforts

Full Review of Token Distribution
Symbol (IAG)
Tokens In Circulation (1,000,000,000)
Usage (on platform & Exchange).


Roadmap our development for the next year
Follow the innovative path of the iagon Revolution

September 2017: Platform Design & Architecture
October 2017: Kick Off Platform Development
November 2017: Whitepaper Presentation
December 2017: Platform Launch
April 2018: Pre-ICO
Maybe. 2018: Smart Contract
July 2018: Launch of ICO
August 2018: Distributed Storage
November 2018: Distributed Processing
January 2019: Integrated DApps.

IAGON’s executive team is lead by Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal, a highly experienced professional in the field of cryptocurrency investments and financial operations.
IAGON’s team members are:

For More Informaton:

Bitcointalk name :Aray80

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