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GOLDIAM - Mining Gold And Diamond From Your Home

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Hello Everyone,

About Goldiam

Goldiam is the future of gold mining and diamonds in blockchain. With Goldiam, you will be able to buy real Gold and Diamond and deliver it directly to you with the relevant certificate. The security of this transaction is preserved with blockchain technology. Alternatively, you can choose to keep your assets in your Goldiambox wallet and earn more Goldiam coins every month. And with Globeunion platform, you can send and receive Goldiam coins worldwide easily. You can then convert Goldiam coins into another cryptococcus or even fiat.

Our Main Project

Buying Gold and Diamonds
Goldiam lets you buy Gold and Diamond with Cryptocurrency - Goldiam Coins. Through our Gold and Diamond platform, you can now buy these assets, keep them safe in your wallet or withdraw whenever you want. Gold or Diamond withdrawn along with a security license will be sent to your home. So investing with Goldiam is completely risk free.

GoldiamBox Wallet
The GoldiamBox Wallet lets you earn money by not doing anything. All you need to do is hold a coin for a minimum period of 1 month and you will get the reward. Goldiam rewards the user for each coin he has held and the award is instantly available. So you have many ways to benefit from your investment. You can benefit from Gold and Diamond, or you can get rewards from you Goldiam Coins.

GlobUnion Platform
With our GlobUnion platform, we can allow our users to send or receive Goldiam coins. So no matter where your part of the world is, you can accept or send this coin to your family anywhere. The recipient will be able to collect coins after being exchanged for the currency he wants so it can be another digital currency or even fiat.

Goldiam features

Money Transfer

With our GlobUnion platform, you can now send and receive money from any part of the world to any part of the world at any time.Monthly rewards for asset holders

Earn coins by not doing anything. Hold your coin, and get your monthly reward inside your wallet. Invest and Enjoy!Pure gold or diamond shipping

With Goldiam, you can withdraw gold or diamond any time you want and we will ship it to your door with license and all the necessary things.Security

Goldiam handles the security of your precious assets. So it's safe inside the blockchain if it's in the wallet and we give you a license when it's pulled.
Funds Allocation

 Development & Support for Launching the Project: 50%
 Marketing and Promotional: 25%
 Team Advisors and Partners: 07%
 Legalization, Regulation and Lawyer: 13%
 Security: 05%
Funds raised during ICO will be used for Development and Support for Launching the Project (50%), Marketing and Promotional (25%), Team Advisors and Partners (7%), Legalization, Regulation and Lawyer (13%), and Security (5%).

50% of the funds raised will be allocated for expanding the development of Goldiam blockchain technology and the platform to be able to cater to the rapid growth of Goldiam while 25% will be spent on the marketing of the platform to create awareness and the adoption of Goldiam among consumers and different Gold and Diamond trading companies, resulting in a wider customer base for the companies signing up with Goldiam. Legal fees for the crowdfunding campaigns and for the company will be covered by 13% of the funds raised to capture potential markets
geographically. 7% of the funds will be allocated to build partnerships in the targeted regions, while 5% of the funds will be used to make the whole system secure.


Q4 2017: Preparing ICO project  
Q1 2018: Pre Sale , Pre-ICO  
Q2 2018: Main ICO, Launching our own blockchain Goldiam, Calypsum wallet and Goldiambox Wallet, Listing Goldiam on Exchanges
Sign Legal agreement For Trading Gold And Diamond Physically  
Q3 2018: Start platform and app mobile to withdraw Gold and Diamond(s), Smart Goldiam Builder, Launch “GlobUnion” solution smart contract on the Goldiam blockchain  
Q4 2018: Sign the contract with company VISA/MASTERCARD , Smart Goldiam Exchange  
Q1 2019: Goldiam hardware wallet  
Q2 2019: ATM + Shopping App smart contract  
Q3 2019: Deploying smart contract "Open heart" on Goldiam blockchain, Goldiam Cryptocurrency Exchange.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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