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Sunday, March 11, 2018

GAMBLICA - Creating a Viable Transparent Transparent Blockchain Online Operator

Greetings Community,

GAMBLICA aims at creating an absolutely transparent international blockchain-based online gambling operator, allowing to verify all transactions and review the RNG algorithm of every bet or game.

The development of online technologies and the economic growth in developing countries foster the growth of the online gambling industry.

Today, the online casino and betting market is the most promising sector of the online gambling industry. Over the past 8 years, its share increased to 72% of the total online gambling market, with the average growth rate of 9.1%.

These high growth rates can be explained by the advantages online gambling business has over traditional one: online casinos, sports betting sites and online poker rooms have much lower operating and transaction costs than traditional gambling establishments. It is also worth mentioning that running an online gambling business means gaining access to audiences worldwide, which is a simple and cost-efective way to attract new clients. 

The Internet makes it possible to provide a wider range of services, which allows to reach a wider audience and attract players that prefer diferent types of gambling: including poker, sports betting, casino and slot machines. Online sports betting is the most popular category of the global online gambling market among international players. Sports betting accounts for 48% of the total online gambling market, totaling about 24 billion dollars annually. Such online betting giants as Bet365 and William Hill make billions, with their annual revenue amounting to $2.2bn and $1.6bn respectively.

Let us not forget about the online poker segment, which turnover exceeds $4bn, with the revenue of the market leader – the infamous PokerStars – of more than $1.5bn. Expanding into new markets and attracting diferent types of gamblers are very important stages of scaling a business.

Entering international markets, creating a wide range of products, and attract diferent types of players are the key factors for achieving the industry leadership. Experts name a number of comparative advantages of the online gambling operator model over the traditional one.

Main Trends and Advantages of the Online Gambling Industry
• Land-based casinos and ofine sports betting operators work only with local clients and tourists. While online businesses have an exceptional scalable capacity and can expand globally.
• Online gambling services have much lower operating and transaction costs than traditional land-based casinos, which increases ROI and ROE
• Scalability. There are enough slots and tables in an online-casino for thousands of players worldwide. While in classic gambling establishments, the number of players is limited to the number of seats at gaming tables.
• Comfort and convenience. The player no longer needs to leave their home and go to a casino or visit a bookmaker. All they need is a laptop and an Internet connection. Users can play at real tables, interacting with real human dealers through live streaming video, and make real-time sports bets.
• Bureaucratic optimization. Online gambling services do not need to deal with a large number of authorities, government agencies and private organizations.


GAMBLICA is an international online gambling operator based on the integration of innovative IT solutions in online gambling and blockchain technology. Gamblica provides a unique betting opportunity to any gambler regardless of their location and income.
The Gamblica platform will be running on a decentralized smart contract system, ensuring fair random number generation, cards distribution, betting slip odds calculations, distribution of funds, and payouts. Our team managed to build a system that guarantees the transparency and fairness of every gambling activity, including online casino games, sports betting and poker.

The Gamblica platform is designed to solve the gambling industry problems related to trust issues, international market entry, and personal data protection. Anyone is free to review all operational activities of the gambling operator through an open public ledger with mathematical proof of authenticity.

Implementation of blockchain technology into the online gambling industry, will allow for building an absolutely transparent system. The outcome of each individual bet, spin, or the next played card is random and is determined using a multi-factor model of random number generation, where the fnal value is determined based on several input parameters.


The GMBC token is the internal currency of the Gamblica platform, which is used for betting in all Gamblica games and sports betting. Besides, the platform's additional premium services can be purchased with GMBC tokens only. The token is deeply integrated into the system to ensure the maximum turnover, since the value of any cryptocurrency increases exponentially with the number of agents using it.

The initial demand for tokens is created by players: to play in the casino, they need to buy tokens and use them to place bets and make contributions to the prize pool of poker tournaments. It should be said that users do not need to understand how crypto exchanges work — they can deposit money into their accounts via a credit or debit card or one of the payment systems, and the platform will automatically purchase tokens and credit them to the player's balance.

Buying tokens from exchanges is very important, since it guarantees the liquidity and the constant demand for tokens from the players for the Token Sale investors, which is the basic principle ensuring the growth in quotations. The economy of the token is based on the imputed commission of various games, a bookmaker commission for accepting bets on various outcomes of a sporting event, or a poker "buying in" fee.

Thus, the token's exchange rate at the system level is rigidly correlated with the GAMBLICA platform's turnover, the number of players and the total volume of their bets. With the increase in the total turnover of transactions, increases the number of tokens lost by players, meaning they drop out of circulation, which eventually results in a deficit of GMBC and increase in its value.

The forecast of demand for the GMBC token is conducted taking into account the rate of growth of the players’ community and the network efect. The basic model does not include investment and speculative demand, which, however, can have a signifcant positive efect on the price and capitalization of the project. 

Token Sale

The Token Sale is held for two main purposes:
  • To put the GMBC token into circulation
  • Attracting funds for developing and promoting the GMBC platform
The total number of 1 000 000 000 GMBC’s will be issue. 544 000 000 will be distributed during the Token Sale. Tokens will be distributed through a smart contract, which code will be published for public audit before the distribution. The funds raised during the sale will be used to launch the platform, integrate the token, and fnance the advertising and marketing campaigns. 2% of the total supply will be reserved for founders and partners, 20% for the game fund, 10% for the team, 3% for the bounty program, and 5% for the advisory board. The majority of tokens – 60%, will be sold in the Token Sale.

Token Sale Hard Cap: 40.000 ETH

Afer the Token Sale, a further centralized distribution of tokens will take place at the
expense of the fund, replenished by lost tokens. Their value will be determined by market quotations; it is guaranteed that the fact that the additional sale creates a surplus of supply, and, therefore, the risk of a decline in the market value will be taken into account. The placement mechanism should minimize this risk in order to protect the rights of the Token Sale investors (for example, by extending the process over time). 

Token Sale Bonus Program

Participation in the Token Sale

To participate in the Token Sale, investors should sign up and go through the KYC procedure in their personal account on the GAMBLICA website. You can purchase GMBC tokens by transferring BTC/ETH directly to your personal account. GMBC tokens will be available for purchase during the ofcial dates of the crowdsale at the stated prices. All bonuses will be awarded automatically. Afer the Token Sale, GMBC tokens can be transferred to your external ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet. 

For more Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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