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EXPORT ONLINE - Solving Problems And Difficulties Exporters

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Hello Everyone, In this new post I will introduce about the Export Online project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


The international trading platform of Export.Online is created to resolve the problems and difficulties of exporters related to the beginning and execution of activities in international trade. The project combines different tools and databases in a one-stop-shop mode, allowing clients to reduce their time for preparation and implementation of international transactions by more than 3 times and improve the efficiency of their business by increasing the productivity of their employees. It is not necessary to have a large staff or independently look for a multidisciplinary specialist on outsourcing, just connect to the Export.Online platform and apply the entire process there. What does international trade relations for Export look like? Online view?

Choosing a target market, doing market research, looking for potential buyers.

On the platform will be implemented intuitive interface is understandable, which combines and structured in part of various databases of information:
• An opponent's database,
• Customs statistics,
• tax regimes of various countries,
• Information on tenders,
• Grants and subsidies.
This means you can search for the information necessary to evaluate different markets, prospective contractors and customers. Search is done not only in the context of one country, but by industry, activity field, trade turnover statistics for the category of commodity you need (HS).

Check Reliability

Through integration with the world's leading insurance companies, Export.Online provides data on the reliability and stability of corporate finance already at their stage of search. Information is provided by the "traffic light" system. This means that at the search stage you will see a short ranking:
• Green - a trusted partner
• Yellow - there are nuances
• Red - high risk
Once a particular partner is selected, through the platform it will be possible to order a complete corporate certificate with in-depth analysis and recommendations on volume and trading terms of credit.

Finance and Services

Due to cooperation with leading financial institutions and service companies, on the platform will be implemented the whole range of related international trade services:
• Letters of credit, factoring,
• Bank guarantees,
• Trade finance,
• Postponement of payment of customs duties,
• Logistics services,
• Smart contract,
• Arbitrage transaction,
• And more.
Interaction with active clients

On the first transaction, the business does not end and it is important to send product updates, maintain communication and have access to essential information about existing counterparties at any time, being sure that it has not been altered or falsified.
Export.Online offers the whole range of interaction:
• Assortment Management,
• Electronic document management,
• Tracking delivery,
• Tracking changes in the counterparty's reputation,
• Messenger.
In turn, mobile app for IOS and Android will always keep abreast of events.

Current News and Quality events
Only actual and accurate information from the verified media of different countries, high-quality events, exhibitions and seminars from the accredited organizers of the platform. Search by countries, regions, cities and topics of events and news. With the help of Export.Online the entry to the international market accelerates more than 3 times!


Name - EXON
Ticket - EXON
Standard - ERC20

Round Tokens Early Bird is a utility and can be used to gain access to platform services or redeemed with ICO tokens, subject to the required KYC / AML procedures. Will be frozen in investor wallets until the end of ICO. A Pre-Sales Token is a utility and can be used to gain access to platform services or be exchanged for ICO tokens, subject to the necessary KYC / AML procedures. Will be frozen in investor wallets until the end of ICO. ICO round tokens are security and allow you to benefit from project activities.


Early bird
Final 20.02.18
Soft cap - 200 000 USD
Hard cap - 550 000 USD
1 UTT = 0.46 USD
Permanent bonus 54% to the price of the ICO!


10:00 UTC 01.06.18 - 23:59 UTC 01.07.18
Soft cap - 5 000 000 USD
Hard cap - 20 000 000 USD
1 UTT = 1 USD
Bonus up to 25% for the first day investor!


10:00 UTC 01.05.18 - 23:59 UTC 31.05.18
Soft cap - 550 000 USD
Hard cap - 5 000 000 USD
1 UTT = 0.56 USD
Permanent bonus 44% to the price of the ICO!
In the unlikely event that not all tokens are sold, the remaining ones will be destroyed.


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