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ETH TOWN - GAME OF THE YEAR In the Game World Blockchain Decentralized

Greetings Community, In this new post I will introduce about Eth Town project and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

There are three main items we sell, and two special special offers.

1) Level-15 Star Heroes

Most people in this town were born at the level-0 peasants, but this was born 15th level king. In addition, they are unique: no other characters will have the same look. It's billed and unique, and the stats are up to date.

No one knows exactly how big ETH.TOWN is, so the price of such characters is unpredictable. Therefore, we only sell it to the highest bidder in the open auction. The auction is supported by the Ethereum smart contract of course.

The winner of each auction also gets an Investor Token bonus comparable to the final price.

2) Crowdsale Floor

The Crypto Tower has many floors. Each is unique, crafted by our talented artists and has unique features. Floor DAO Hacker goes on sale now.

Every floor has owners. In this presale section, everyone has the ability to pre-purchase a piece of floor DAO Hacker and have it when the game is released. Floor ownership is equipped with all the regular per-floor tooling facilities (which are not disclosed before launch, sorry), and our unique game mechanics ensures you will benefit with the above advantages.

There is a catch: You can not enter more than 1 ETH in. This should be the sales of the crowd, no one or two people buying the whole floor, there would be no fun in that.

Same here, every part of the floor comes with the bonus of Investor Tokens, far more than you would get in the game.

3) Level 7 characters.

It's not as cool as a star, but you can have it here and now. We will sell these at prices ranging from 40% to 80% of their effective price in the game. Why is "effective price"? Since you will not really be able to buy it for Ether or upgrade with Ether, this option is only available in presale. The price will start from the lowest range and go up with each character sold.

This is not unique like the Stars, they are still hard to come by. In the game, you need to win the auction, and then spend Investors Tokens and time to raise similar to this. Here, they are ready to play.

If you buy 3 or more characters, you will get a draw where 3 Dice genes will be distributed. This means one of the characters can get "Dice genes". Character owners with this gene will get income from Dice mini-game.

Regular Bonus from Investor Tokens is included with every purchase.

4) Special Offers: Special Characters

Not satisfied with just having random characters? We can craft your own unique character. It could be you, your friend, your boss, your mother. It can not be a celebrity (unless you're a celebrity). Buy at least 5 Level-7 characters, and we'll make it for you! To use this offer, please send image ID and transaction to face@eth.town.

5) More special offers: Custom Floor

It is usually only up to us to determine how many floors there are in the tower and who inhabits them. However, there is one place for someone who wants to showcase their company! If you would like to have your own floor in the game, please let us know at omg@eth.town to get the offer. This will be a private auction.


With each option, when you make a purchase, you will get BOTH items and a certain amount (200 Tokens for each Ether spent) from Investor Tokens as well. This will be the only way in which you can actually get a token by paying Ether for now, albeit indirectly.

Tokens is really cool especially in the early stages of the game, because the way the game goes, you'll never be able to buy it, and there's no way to get things done after launch. The Token holder automatically gets a share of the revenue from any closed deal, and can use tokens to pay for items, which are not sold for other currencies. For example, characters: You can not buy or upgrade them with Ether, just for tokens.

Suppose we reach 100K ETH turnover in week 1. Assuming that investors get 2% shares (more), there will be a 2K ETH investor profit pool for distribution. If during presale we sell for example goods worth 400 ETH, that means every 200 tokens (which you get when spending 1 ETH) will generate around 5 ETH by the end of the first week of gameplay. We know this sounds pretty crazy, but what's new in the crypto world?

Items purchased will be delivered to the game launch, and Token is sent automatically and immediately. You can start trading on EtherDelta immediately.


We're sure the early adopters will be good players, and they'll get all the cool stuff, so why make them grind? The game will be more fun when it starts not from a clean state, but with some people already have the goods. It also ensures we build a more loyal and connected community.

Results from presale will be used for the project launch ad campaign. Our goal is to make the game big and we need a budget for it. Eventually all the players, especially the early adopters, will benefit from the enormous game!

Our main goal is to make the best game on the Ethereal platform, without compromise.


We want this game to be big and long. We have lots of ideas and lots of plans for it. It is designed to be not just a finished product that we release at some point, but is growing and growing. We will share only the beginning.

The project roadmap is as follows:

Presale start: Thursday 15 March
Tokens can be traded on EtherDelta
Alpha limited access (application form at https://eth.town): at the end of March
April: Full launch
April: POWH event
April: 2 additional mini games
May: CryptoKitties Event
May: Mini game heroes
June: CryptoCountries event
June: Mobile version
Summer: Tokens can be traded on more exchanges

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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