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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

ESSENTIA - Persistent Digital IDs You Can Use On A Variety Of Platforms, Services, And Environments

Foto Essentia One.

Greetings Community,

Essentia ESS aims to build and offer a complete modular framework for users. The framework will allow users to have full control over their data, identity information, privacy, and assets. The platform serves as a decentralized operating system.

It can be accessed by humans, machines, IoT devices, and others. With Essentia, decentralized and centralized resources are integrated in a single place. Things like user data and personal data are connected to a person's digital ID, and that digital ID can be anonymous, all anonymous, or public. Overall, the Essentia whitepaper describes the platform as a multi-asset swiss and multi-asset that anyone can use and have.

"In simpler terms, Essentia is a persistent digital ID that you can use across multiple platforms, services, and environments." Essentia implementations can already be viewed in Ethereal, EtherDelta, Storj, and IPFS, among other major blockchain platforms.

How does Essentia Dosage (ESS) Work?

Essentia aims to create a full-featured and personalized platform. Platform functions are built from "Seeds" to the outside, relying on basic cryptographic capabilities such as marking, verification, encryption, and decryption. The Essentia whitepaper explains it much better than I can. "Essentia is a modular framework that is bootstrapped from Seeds by deriving expanded keys in a hierarchical deterministic way and by connecting them to their available" encrypted "data that is encrypted in decentralized storage or local copies / backups. The data is related to extended key labeled which is appropriate and interpreted by the system, and by its components, as "registry entries," the configuration and content to be used when loading related modules that make up the appropriate framework.

"Seeds" in Essentia refer to user data. The user (or machine) is the only one who has ownership, access, and full control over the seed, including all IDs, data, assets, and more related to the seed. The Essentia framework can be used indifferently by humans or machines (machines may include servers, IoT devices, etc.). Some of the modules available within the Essentia framework include ID, login, KeyRing, DApp center, wallet, account exchange-less, decentralized exchanges, decentralized storage, prediction market, decentralized VPN, social block, crypto node, and more. These are just a few front-end modules that can be built within the Essentia framework - all with a single click.

As long as users have Seeds, they will always be able to load and use their own customized decentralization framework from anywhere, on machine type or host system, and even in virtual environments. Obviously, this is all very technical, and the Essentia whitepaper explains in depth about every aspect of the platform. The layman's explanation of Essentia is a persistent and secure digital identity that can be used by humans and intelligent devices. That identity can be done across multiple apps and devices - like social networks on your smartphone and decentralized exchanges on your home computer. The platform is built to emphasize privacy, control, and lack of censorship.

You can sign in with a single persistent ID on multiple platforms, for example, taking ownership of your data and sharing it selectively with various parties. Currently, a number of major blockchain projects already have their integration in Essentia. Projects such as Gnosis, Ethereal, EtherDelta, Status, IPFS.

Essentia (ESS) -Key Fetures

Essentia's core features include all of the following
  • A highly customizable, modular, decentralized framework that can be used by humans or machines
  • Decentralized, digital-based blockchain for humans and machines
  • Unreliable, reliable, and secure data with strong cryptography
  • Private, only with users with full and total ownership and control over the platform
  • A personal, specialized, (similar to desktop-based operating environment) where users can manage and interact with multiple IDs, data, assets, decentralized and centralized resources, cross-chain resources and communication, and more
  • Decentralization, available 24/7, and permanent
  • Cross chains, multi-chains and multi-protocols are available
  • Modular, flexible, and scalable
  • A privacy-focused environment with anti-sensor data, persistent, and undamaged
  • Open source and open hardware, including available software and hardware implementations
  • Language and host agnostic
  • Evidence of errors and future evidence
Overall, Essentia claims to "move the weighing needle" into the real meaning of decentralization.

While others try to "refocus" decentralized resources by creating intermediate user needs for users, Essentia is rebuilding a decentralized system "to a more radical and original layer". In layman's terms, they see themselves as embracing the spirit of early decentralization - a spirit that they feel has moved away from and all.

Essentia (ESS) - Team
Essentia is being developed by a non-profit organization named Essentia One, based in Amsterdam. The organization was founded in 2017.


Essentia is in shape and built with modular architecture that can be used to scale, and configure the infrastructure to suit specific settings, personal settings or resource-intensive applications, automated framework or IoT. Relevant newbie users and expert users every day. The Essentia Framework can be mapped or installed in browsers, mobile platforms and Operating Systems, on any desktop, server, or dedicated machine. This can be virtualized while ultimately taking advantage of distributed computing. While developing into a fully decentralized framework, Essentia is also implementing a hybrid solution that integrates smart contracts and other chain components.

They work as bridges, and modules, performing operations and on / off-chain operations. ESS-ID, the core of the system, can be used and controlled through dedicated hardware keys (wallets), offering higher levels of security for all operations and user interactions. The Essentia component and all user data are retained on decentralized and encrypted storage by default. Users can also backup them completely encrypted on local storage for offline access or usage. This local data is synchronized with data about decentralized storage on the occasion of the first connection.

Essentia (ESS) - FrameWork

Users - people or machines - can generate their own ESS-ID roots (and then, ultimately, connected Sub-IDs) and can perform abstract, link, register, store anonymous-identity, and finally data, on blockchain and decentralized storage. Through ESS-Key, users can access / use / manage their ID and linked data. They may also use it as a "universal key" to access / interact with third party services such as Dapps and smart contracts, extended to integrated sources, services, or third-party integrated chains or chains. all.

Essentia (ESS) - In conclusion

Essentia is a persistent, secure, sensor-free, and privacy digital identity system built on blockchain technology. The system is built on decentralized thinking: teams want to give full control over decentralization to the user's hands by enabling chain and inter-chain interoperability between users, machines, and third parties. Overall, Essentia wants to create a framework for your decentralized digital life.

For more information:

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