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EQUITYBASE - Offers Investment Opportunities Supported by Direct Assets To Investors Worldwide

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What is Equitybase?

equitybase is an end-to-end commercial real estate ecosystem for project appraisal, credit ratings, full liquidity events on blockchain. equitybase allows developers and fund managers to offer asset-backed investment opportunities directly to investors worldwide.

60% Global Real Estate accounts for 60% of all major assets worldwide and reaches over $ 250 Trillion. Equitybase allows a real estate investment return approach with high returns entirely by using our hybrid market ecosystem in blockchain.

Equity Ecosystem
Equitybase Platform provides the entire investment ecosystem of dividends, investments, liquidation and exchange.

Backup Equity
Equity Reserve will apply as a secondary reserve operator that provides an additional layer of liquidity to the Equity Exchange platform, it will be used as a reserve pool to enable platform users to continuously liquidate their holdings with repurchase guarantees on the exchange.

Equity Investing
Equity Invest allows developers and fund managers to identify projects on the platform and provide project status updates, disburse funds, along with direct interactions with investors.
Investors will be able to track project income, sponsorship and credit ratings, payment history, withdraw dividends and profits.

stock Exchange
Equity Exchange allows investors to liquidate or buy tokenize ownership of real estate on platforms via crypto and fiat currencies. Equity Exchange will be able to add an intrinsic basis based on the performance and demand of each ownership separately.

Equity Fund
(Quarter IV 2018 ICO, Offering Reg + A)

The Equity Fund targets 7% + annual yield payments from the asset's operating income every three months. Growth of Equity Funds will come from capital activities or asset improvements that allow the token holder to generate additional yields. Equity Fund will be tradable on the Stock Exchange and third party crypto exchange platform with full liquidity.

Equitybase Use Case


Get results and earn higher returns compared to stock or ETF 
Zero cost transaction on investment 
Buy and sell shares with full liquidity 
1031 Exchange applicable to US individuals


Accessibility of funding
Funds up to 95% of the capital stack
A direct approach to investors
Quick Closure


Establish new funds with full compliance
Allows investors to liquidate or purchase additional ownership
There is no minimum investment approach
Stock repurchase option available


Efficient source of small to medium investment
The rate of return is adjusted for risk because the market is served
Global Investment Diversification with full control
There is no cost burden

Equitybase ICO

BASE: EquitybaseERC20 Token
A capped pre-sale of BASE token will start on 02/08/2017 to 02/21/2018 at a discount rate of 40%, BASE token sale will be conducted via smart contract and fully audited by Coinfabrik to ensure the security of the ICO process. The proceeds from the ICO offering will be utilize in the following manner: 80% of the funds will be used for acquisition of asset (Equity Fund) and 20% will be for product development and operations.

Public ICO of BASE Token will begin on 02/28/2018 and end on 05/22/2018 with initial discount of 30%, discount rate will be lower in increments of 5% weekly over the duration of the ICO sale. We expect BASE Tokens acquired during the ICO process will be substantially discounted against trading values on public exchanges. Minimum contributions during the public ICO will be at 0.001 ETH. Transfer rate is set at $0.28/Per BASE Token.

Total availablity of BASE token will be set at 360,000,000 of which 50% will be sold during ICO, remaining reserve token will be held for 1 year and peridically release to stimulated the platform’s growth if needed. 20% of the tokens will be allocated to the founding team members and its advisors with a 12 month vesting period. 10% of overall token allotment will be distributed for community program marketing prior and after the ICO process.

Equitybase Road Map

3Q / 2017
Company Formation
equity formation
Team building The first step in the development of an equitybase platform architecture.

4Q / 2017
Development of Funding
Seed Round: $ 300,000
Start platform development

1Q / 2018
Personal pre-sale
ICO Public
Demo version of platform released
front-end and back-end development, API testing

2Q / 2018
Platform Launch
Beta Release of Equity Invest platform
BASE Token Stock List
Liquidity aggregation with multiple cardiac crypto exchanges is formed

3Q / 2018
User acquisition development
Launch Mobile App
User Partnerships and Acquisitions
Full Credit Reporting and Integration Reporting

4Q / 2018
Establish Regional office in London, Shanghai
Expand supply for hedge funds and private equity funds
ICO Equity Fund
Direct FIAT currency conversion

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name : Aray80

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