Thursday, March 8, 2018

EQUITYBASE - Applying Blockchain Technology Into the Global Real Estate Investment Industry

Greetings Community,

Equitybase Real Estate platform is a new Ethereum Smart Contract based ecosystem that applies Blockchain technologies to the global Real Estate investment industry. By lowering barriers to entry and increasing market liquidity with transparent pricing, it will giving greater access to global investment and fractional trading in Real Estate industry. Equitybase will offer an effective and direct model of investing and securing the value of the existing 500+ Billion USD equivalent in cryptocurrency, to the less volatile and growing real estate market, by generating rental income, value appreciation and hedging.

Utilized in investment or trading by purchasing equity base tokens in equivalent value without incurring fees on our platform. Participants worldwide will be able to utilize our platform to invest and diversify their portfolio, along with the liquidity of a public market but generate the returns of a private market.

Backed by our experts with a strong track record and reputation in real estate development, consumer electronics and tech industry, we at Equitybase have raised a $300,000 seed round. We have founded and exited high profile online companies along with extensive experience in the real estate industry and operating startups for over the last 15 years.

By summer of 2018, a full functional website will be launched on our Equitybase Platform. Where any participants will be able to invest in fractional commercial real estate holdings and obtain dividends from rent roll along with asset appreciation, which will be held by a smart contract and paid with crypto or fiat currency along with the liquidity of a traditional public markets. By fall of 2018, IOS and Android apps will be available to our platform users as well, with the full functionality of our website securely on their mobile devices.

BASE Token

Our platform is based on 2 values of unit Base Tokens are a digital representation of a participation of Equitybase platform. BASE Tokens will be tradable outside Equitybase’s platform, as they are an ERC20 Token so they will have an inherent value in the exchanges. Users will also be able to utilize BASE Tokens as a zero fees incentive for investing in real estate offering (REO) at our platform along with ERC20 standard interface that guarantees the interoperability between tokens. BASE token, which can be kept in any Ethereum based smart/cold wallet, is an ERC20 based blockchain token with vesting functions. 

Equitybase ICO

BASE: EquitybaseERC20 Token
A capped pre-sale of BASE token will start on 02/08/2017 to 02/21/2018 at a discount rate of 40%, BASE token sale will be conducted via smart contract and fully audited by Coinfabrik to ensure the security of the ICO process. The proceeds from the ICO offering will be utilize in the following manner: 80% of the funds will be used for acquisition of asset (Equity Fund) and 20% will be for product development and operations.

Public ICO of BASE Token will begin on 02/28/2018 and end on 05/22/2018 with initial discount of 30%, discount rate will be lower in increments of 5% weekly over the duration of the ICO sale. We expect BASE Tokens acquired during the ICO process will be substantially discounted against trading values on public exchanges. Minimum contributions during the public ICO will be at 0.001 ETH. Transfer rate is set at $0.28/Per BASE Token.

Total availablity of BASE token will be set at 360,000,000 of which 50% will be sold during ICO, remaining reserve token will be held for 1 year and peridically release to stimulated the platform’s growth if needed. 20% of the tokens will be allocated to the founding team members and its advisors with a 12 month vesting period. 10% of overall token allotment will be distributed for community program marketing prior and after the ICO process.

For more information and joining social media Equitybase now please follow some links below:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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