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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

ENERGY PREMIER - Platform And Trade Offer

Foto Energy Premier - Token Sale.

Hello All,

Premier Energy - blockchain based trading platform & offer
Our mission is to enable distributed and transparent energy trade by utilizing blockchain technology and EPC tokens, bringing energy power to people.

Token-based power supply platform
Allows consumers and suppliers to exchange electricity using EPC tokens, through electric supply sessions

The main energy business platform model
Access is distributed, direct & transparent
Allows decentralized and direct access to markets, eliminates distances in trade, promotes price transparency

The potential of major energy platforms is vast
Trade, usability and liquidity
Moving EPC trading & usability: making it cheaper, faster, safer to trade, and offering smart grid & smart meter functionality.

Token Distribution

The structure of the crowd
Crowdsale Duration
March - April 2018

Name token

Total supply: token EPC
(approximately equal to the volume of MWh consumed in the world each year)

Supply many people
120,000,000,000 EPC tokens

Price per token
1EPC = 0.0003 $

Hard hat
$ 34,050,000

Tokens that are not sold or distributed during Token sales will be burned.

  • Tokens are used for trading and distributed electricity auctions, smart grid trading and smart meter integration.
  • Used for electric trading: trade is cheaper, faster and safer because of smart contracts
  • Token value is supported by world energy trade world
  • The main energy platform icon
  • The total market available is huge (~ 10tn) - the majority of global electricity trading
  • Manufacturers of smart grids can sell their electricity to EPC tokens through our platform
  • Tokens used to pay for Premier Energy services / products, receive a minimum of $ 0.0003 equivalent price
  • Integrated with smart meter - offers instant payment; special package for crypto miner.


Roadmap Energi utama tokensale

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name : Aray80

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