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eCOINOMIC - Provide Loan Functionality, Exchange, Transfer, Manage finance And Converge With Online Payment Services And Systems

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Greetings Community, In this new post I will introduce about eCoinomic project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


eCoinomic is a financial services platform based on crypto assets. It provides its users with the functionalities of lending, exchanging, transferring, financial management and integrates by online payment services and systems.

Project information

eCoinomic is a new platform providing financial services to crypto holders by
way of: investment and asset management, exchange, transfers and mutual
settlements between users and partner projects.
Each platform user can choose the optimal set of services* to take full advantage
of cryptocurrencies potential:

Secured and unsecured loans based on fiat money and cryptocurrencies
Long-term and short-term investments in fiat money and cryptocurrencies
Mechanism of hedging the exchange rate risks for crypto assets
Financial transactions, exchange, collateral management
Payment for goods and services in digital currency on the online trading platforms such as eBay and Amazon
Fiat money transactions, virtual cards issuance backed by crypto assets

The platform maintenance and development will be realized through service fees which are paid with the CNC token only.
The service fee amount is preset for each type of service and is fixed, reasonable and transparent.

6 Strong points of the eCoinomic platform

The eCoinomic platform will accept as collateral:
BTC, ETH, LCH, BCH + TOP10 cryptocurrencies.
Loans will be issued at: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, CNY.

Fiat money transaction speed
With the help of an internal payment agent, crediting time for funds will only take a few minutes.

Price monitoring system
This system checks the value of collateral every minute based on data from some crypto exchange.

Security and transparency
The smart contract sets the procedure for blocking, returning or liquidating a collateral asset.

Fund of insurance reserves
It is designed to increase the attractiveness of projects for large and small investors.

Fully functional alpha version
Will be available for testing after Pre-Sale

Benefit for everyone

For crypto owner

Who buys cryptocurrency as an average and long-term investment that expects high growth rates;
Who receives crypto assets as payment of goods and services (eg miners);
Startups and funds requiring short-term fiat funds;

For investors

Private sector investors allocating monetary resources to generate income;

Institutional investors interested in high profitability and low risk instruments.

It's time to hedge against exchange rate risk and take full advantage of the potential of crypto assets for business expansion.

How it works

Loan amount
min $200 – max $10 000
No restriction on the number of loans taken by users
Loan term
min 1 day – max 30 days
With the subsequent possibility of prolongation
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2020: Preparing and conducting an IPO
Q3-4 2019: Offering development services for corporate products and smart contracts within the platform
Adding functionality to launch joint investment projects and venture capital funds
Q1-2 2019: Issuing virtual cards
Connecting with the large trading platforms
Launching exchange with the function of managing collateral assets
Q4 2018: Global marketing campaign
Platform launch
Customizing the Multilanguage user interface
Q3 2018: Obtaining licenses, developing solutions for different jurisdictions
Custom payment agent launch
Technical and legal audit
Q2 2018: Conducting an ICO from 01.05.2018 to 31.05.2018
Establishing partnerships, creating funds and marketing the project
Getting listed on exchanges, setting up a full working group, software development
Q1 2018: Presenting the project, conducting a Pre-Sale on 15.03.2018
Alpha version launch
Legal and technical preparation


Our team has many years of experience in the real sector of economy, in working with banking and credit products.
We are aware of the obstacles to the merger of the two markets: fiat and crypto currencies. Therefore, we are planning to implement in 2018 a platform that can work in the current legal and technical framework.

2005 Legal and accounting services, financial consulting and audit.
2009 Software development and telecommunications systems services.
2010 Consulting and audit in the field of information technology; service for collecting and processing statistical data.
2012 First orders from companies in the banking sector, conducting market research, automation of business processes.
2013 Becoming a member of the group of financial companies; improvement of software products.
2015 The origin of the eCoinomic idea; conducting blockchain studies, evaluating existing cryptocurrencies.
2017 Creation of a working group, development of a platform concept and a loan product prototype.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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