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DIGIPHARM - Facilitating the Transformation of Health Care into a Value-Based Approach

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Health Beyond Barriers Bringing value-based healthcare to life using blockchain technology.

Digipharm brings together industry expertise, mature concepts and revolutionary blockchain technologies to facilitate the transformation of health care into a value-based approach.

Spiraling health costs combined with resource constraints have resulted in an unrelenting burden on the health system. Trade needs to be done, patients at risk of rejected innovative treatments and there are still barriers to the replacement of manufacturers.

Digipharm passes through infrastructure limitations to enable the adoption of price agreements based on the flexible value of smart contracts, the development of an unprecedented platform of evidence and the ability to reward patients for contributing to their data.

The Future of Health

Values ​​Based Care
Health systems around the world today are threatened by unique challenges for our time; unsustainable spending, an aging population and an increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. The concept of value-based health services suggests that payments for health care should be linked to the quality of care and benefits it provides; switch from 'fee for service' to the 'fee for performance' replacement model.

Innovative Price

Innovative pricing solutions such as value-based pricing offer an increasingly dynamic solution to address uncertainty surrounding the cost of treatment compared to patient outcomes. Such a mechanism rewards producers and service providers to improve patient outcomes, incentivize innovation and drive the transition to patient-centered healthcare.

Pioneer Evidence of Generation

Innovative proof generation solutions are required to meet relevant, timely and qualified data requirements to inform optimal healthcare-based service delivery. Surrounding the use of static or retrospective data will open the horizons for superior forecasting, confidence in global decision-making and oversight related to recent developments in increasingly dynamic industries such as health care.

Differences Digipharm

Barrier Removal
While value-based health services provide solutions to the various problems faced by the health care system, value-based approaching has been largely hampered by the limitations of current health information system infrastructure, administrative burden of implementation and fragmentation of health care delivery. and patient outcome data.

Patient Empowerment
Digipharm is a strong believer in empowering patients with custodial and possession of personal data. Patients will be given incentives to share and contribute their health-related data to inform health-related decisions and research.

Blockchain Technology
The Digipharms solution will facilitate and accelerate the paradigm shift to health care based on value and centric care by using 'smart contracts' and blockchain technologies. Utilizing blockchain technology for the Digipharms' platform promotes the development of an ubiquitous, transparent and security-conscious health information infrastructure.

Our featured solutions

Logo Reimburse

Reimbursement will remove infrastructure barriers and automate the implementation of value-based pricing agreements, however complex, on a wholly independent global platform; encouraging the replacement of personal health technologies on a 'cost-per-performance' basis for the benefit of patients, payers and producers.
  • Speed up access to high cost therapies 
  • Incentivises innovations 
  • Drastically reduces administrative costs

Wawasan Logo

Insight is the first real 'real-world' evidence storehouse and enables the use of real-world evidence (RWE) as soon as it is available. The availability of 'live' RWE will provide real time intelligence stakeholders where they can inform decision-making and product development throughout the drug's lifecycle.
  • Incentives for patients to donate data
  • Significant cost savings compared to conventional RWE sources
  • Single platform for global proof

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