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Monday, March 19, 2018

DENTIX - Global Healthcare Healthcare Platform

Foto Dentix Global.

Greetings Community,

What is Dentix?

Dentix is a Global Health Dental Electronic Health platform that enables the provision of medical records, secure health records, two-way doctor communication, payment processing and worldwide patient referrals and secure chart transfers.

Global Dental Health Record Platform for everyone
In eight years, crypto economy and blockchain technology will exceed 10 trillion dollars. It will be integrated into every aspect of our lives, and we will wonder how we can live without it.
Dentix stepped forward to provide EHR services to both dentists and patients by integrating current security practices and adopting a modular and decentralized approach to its' key components.

Our Platform Core

Bonded Modem Modeling Architecture
Our goal is to provide a completely different EHR platform, which will help dentists grow their business through social media interaction help, and help patients get the best and most affordable service wherever they are at that time.
The True SaaS Platform
CDN optimized, global platform;
Multiple clinical locations with their own custom scheduling module;
The patient chart monitors securely between the location itself, or within the network provider;
Secure Patient Records
Modular patient chart, safe blockchain;
Secure module distribution protocol for module rotation purposes;
4FA Authentication for Providers and Patients;
Secure messages
Each end device is its own messaging server;
Proper end-to-end encryption for sensitive patient data transport;
Patient-patient messaging systems via desktop and mobile applications;
DNTX payment
Patients can pay with DNTX for services;
Interesting monthly bonuses and incentives for DNTX holders;
We will grow our stock of coins depending on the demand of the people;


To improve the experience of doctors and patients, Dentix will be a truly multilingual platform.

English - German - Italy - Arab - Portuguese - France - Korea - Spanish - Russia - Japan - Czech - Turkey.

Technological pile

Our backend is supported by NodeJS and the data is stored by MongoDB. Docker container helps us improve the development and deployment cycle. We use the sockets that match what we want for real-time experience. To filter out bugs in our codebase, we use Mocha's automated unit tests and labor to make sure everything is working.

VueJS is our main choice framework for frontend coupled with the latest technologies such as: ES6, Webpack, Babel, SSR, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3, etc. SSR (server-side rendering) increases initial startup time for our app which means users can interact with applications faster.

Sentry provides the best user experience to our customers by monitoring real-time collisions that improve the efficiency of our platform. Carrying out Hotjar allows us to gain better insights from our userbase.

The Multi-Lingual SaaS platform is globally distributed
Fragmented patient data is fragmented
Documented doctors-to-doctors and doctors are decentralized and encrypted
EPrescription integration
Radiology Integration
Integration of eLaboratory Modules

Structure Token

Cost of Pre-ICO 1.3 DNTX: 0.001 ETH
Cost of ICO 1 DNTX: 0.001 ETH
Token sales period: 30 days with possible early settlement;
An expanded goal after ICO begins: Forbidden
Total tokens amount: 300,000
Safe way to get tokens: Etherium (ETH)
Softcap: US $ 1 200 000
Hardcap: US $ 28 000 000


The current state of our platform is placed in this roadmap. We continue to strive to meet deadlines but should delay becomes a need to meet our high standards, this timeline will be adjusted as necessary.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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